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Monday, November 26, 2007







I promised you that I would write more about my relationship with the Intelligence Forces operating in Zimbabwe. I could definitely do that but I have noticed that I could never make the average person understand that one can be related closely to the Intelligence Forces and not intend to have any monetary benefit from that relationship. I’m sure there are some already who are looking at me with raised eyebrows after my submission “THE ZIMBABWE INTELLIGENCE FORCES AND THE ZIMBABWE CRISIS - PART ONE.”

Is Mr Hove a CIO “informer”? Has he been planted into the “Democratic Forces” etc etc???

Many people are not able to think above the “obvious!”

The jails all over the world are full of innocent individuals who could not prove their innocence because of certain complexities.

In a submission entitled “The thoughts and memories of a former ZANU-PF cadre” (link available at www.finalpushzim.blogspot.com), I said I marvelled at the complexity of a movie called “THE FUGITIVE”. In this film, an innocent doctor was turned overnight into a fugitive by a very complex set of happenings.

Please kindly read that submission of mine and also look for that movie if you haven’t seen it yet.

There are situations in life where only God above can “vindicate” someone! Not even the cleverest lawyer can secure an acquittal in certain situations! If you have never been in that kind of situation, you will never understand what I’m talking about. But through this submission, I hope to make you understand what I’m trying to say.

I then also promised you, dear readers, that I would relate my experiences and discussions at the ANC Headquarters on a certain August day in 2006. Its very true that I was granted audience by a very Senior ANC Officer whose office is situated on the 9th floor.

I could relate exactly what we discussed and how I was completely disappointed by the clear commitment of the ANC Administration to stand with Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF in spite of what they themselves admit they know about the true situation in Zimbabwe. I will refer to that fully as I go on with this present submission.

What is desperately urgent is that I make absolutely clear where I personally stand on certain strategic issues!

It is more important that you understand what my objectives are rather than just for you to visit my sites and treat them simply as either “Libraries” or “Archives” where Zim issues are found and that being the “be-all-and-the end-all.”

If all my effort is just viewed just “another Zimbabwean blogger”, then I will have completely failed in what I have set myself to accomplish. I’m a blogger for the simple reason that I have to communicate with all around the world and blogspots are the perfect avenue for reaching millions and even decision-makers can peruse (as I know they do) and get “the feel” of the common person that I believe I am.

I get inspiration from other bloggers and I see others get inspiration from my work.

Whenever I come across anything important pertaining to the country of my ancestors, I either copy and post on one of my 30 blog-sites or I just provide a link from my Main Site direct to the source site.

My main objective, though, is to establish myself as a reliable analyst and hopefully even enter the “game” itself.

But like the late Professor Masipula Sithole, I may not survive in the real game for I’m too sincere and too honest. That’s why I could never succeed even as a paid “informant” for anybody.

When I lost my job with ZESA in October, 2003 (see October is a strange month not only for the MDC); a Senior Operative in the CIO offered to “look after me if I could assist him in certain assignments.” I told him clearly that I was looking at the overall solution of the National Crisis and not at my own personal situation or calamity. That continues to be my stand even now.

The very fact that I deliberately wrote a letter which was published by the “Financial Gazette” on the 10th of June, 2003 showed how committed I was to risk my own career in ZESA for what I believed as the truth.

The letter was entitled “Appeal to Mangwengwende” and I was lamenting that the Power Utility was being run as a Political Tool of ZANU-PF and workers were being victimised, dismissed etc and I was indirectly calling for the return of the Legitimate Chief Executive Engineer Simbarashe Mangwengwende who had been improperly “fired” by the Simon Khaya-Moyo appointed Sidney Gata who was Robert Mugabe Matibili’s brother-in law.

It is vital that I inform you that I was then Chairman of the Workers’ Committee for the District covering Mutorashanga to Kariba.

An informal relationship had already developed between me and many Intelligence Operatives and this had been strengthened when I participated on a Saturday Evening Reggae programme which was being done on 3FM in Gweru.

This reggae programme was being hosted by a certain “Rebel Soul Jah” (Rungano Nhara) and we were supporting the Land Reform Programme among other “black-consciousness” discussions.

I loved that programme because it gave opportunities for callers to call in “live” and contribute whatever they wanted to contribute without any sensorship.

My intention was to give the people of Zimbabwe the platform to air their grievances and let the “powers-that-be” hear the common from the “comfort of their homes.” I actually provoked the listeners to discuss such areas as “corruption”, “the state-sponsored violence” etc.

A lot of ZANU-PF Central Committee members were impressed by my voluntary efforts including the discussions on “sensitive” subjects such as curruption, State-sponsored Violence etc.

But (as I expected), I developed enemies on both sides but I also developed new friends as well.

(By both sides I mean ZANU-PF being the one side and the MDC being the other side.)

ZANU-PF viewed me with suspicion and Professor Jonathan Moyo (the then Minister responsible for Information) personally called “Man Soul Jah” (Joseph Nhara), the then 3FM Station Manager asking that the programme exclude me.

The programme did continue without me but I would be given many minutes by my friends at the station who allowed to speak “live” from my telephone 300km away hence making me an effective broadcaster “from the comfort of my home”.

(I used to joke that the money I was saving on transport to get to Gweru was now effectively diverted to my telephone bill.)

The “powers-that-be” were still not impressed and “Rebel Soul Jah” was told to do away with “live calls”. In fact throughout the four State Radio Stations, all “live” calls were banned because I now found joy in phoning and inserting politics whenever I got through to any of the Stations.

Then within a few months the Raggae programme on 3FM was dropped altogether!

But many of the friends and enemies I got during my period of “broadcasting” continue up to this day. I called myself “The Radical Soldier” since each Rastaman had to have a special identity of his own.

So it was difficult for many people to know whether I was ZANU-PF or MDC. I could not fit properly within ZANU-PF because how could I be such a “boora ngoma”? (one that vandalises a drum while the people are busy enjoying at a function or simply put a “boat-rocker”)

I could not fit in properly within the MDC because I was supporting the Land Reform Programme!

But “The Daily News” published my letters and I wrote under the same nume-du-plume “Radical Soldier”.

My main lament was that there was too much arrogance on ZANU-PF’s part and I believed both the main parties could sit down and discuss National Issues for the sake of carrying the country forward. But I continued to be received with “mixed feelings.”

ZANU-PF viewed me as a “sell-out” and the MDC viewed me as a “ZANU-PF sympathiser” or at worst, as a CIO informant. I loved the confusion because my main objective was to highlight the errors of ZANU-PF while trying to bring the MDC to appreciate the values that ZANU-PF stood for. Even now I believe the way forward for Zimbabwe is a “reconciliation” of the two main parties’ positions.


Firstly, apparently truth is not a respected commodity in Politics.

We are always made to believe that “Politics is a dirty game!” So anyone who tries to mediate or be a facilitator in any mediation efforts in the world must make up their minds whether they want to go the direction of the full truth or they want to continue to be biased political players while pretending to be neutral referees.

The Zimbabwean situation is too complex and requires an exceptionally high degree of integrity and objectivity. As we go on with this submission, we will discover if the ANC and Cde Thabo Mbeki pass or fail the test.

I will not need to judge them!

You will see for yourselves from the “litmus tests” that will be before us.

The first near-impossible task before me is to try and show you that it is completely irrelevant to concentrate on the holding of Elections in 2008 as a way of resolving the Zimbabwean Crisis. Those on the “ZANU-PF side” want to mobilize the very persons who have been made abject destitutes by Mugabe and ZANU-PF to vote for the same Mugabe and ZANU-PF and Mr Robert Mugabe surprisingly expects a “resounding victory!”

Who must give Mugabe and ZANU-PF a “resounding victory”?

Millions are in foreign lands and are not allowed to vote so they can remove the present Administrators and put in a new set of Administrators who can then work day and night to try and bring sanity to the present tragic situation.

On the other hand, the Opposition Forces themselves are in complete disarray! The tragedy is not only in their disarray! The greater tragedy is in their failure to see the disarray and what caused it in the first place.

How Brother Morgan Tsvangirai fails to see that he and he alone was the cause of the October, 2005 split completely baffles me!

I’m completely aware of very delicate and painstaking efforts that were made to try and bring some sort of compromise after the 12 October 2005 tragedy. Like I’ve always said, “I believe I’m one of the most informed persons in Zimbabwe” and that I’m not ashamed to say.

Mr Gibson Sibanda appeared drunk (but it was obviously stress, depression etc) as he staggered into the room where they were giving a Press Conference explaining to the world what the real truth was about the state of the Movement for Democratic Change. (I’m talking about the events of October, 2005)

A lot of emissaries were sent from the Gibson Sibanda / Prof Welshman Ncube side to the MDC Founding President but they were repeatedly told about their mothers’ very private parts (literally!)

We are looking for a person who can lead Zimbabwe out of its present predicament and is Tsvangirai that person?

While it is very disappointing that the MDC has failed to re-unite, those of a higher perception should see it as a real blessing indeed that Tsvangirai received the longest rope possible but has failed to put it to good use. If you think I’m an extension of “ZANU-PF Propaganda” by saying this, I forgive your shallowness!

Are we serious that Morgan Tsvangirai should lead the country when he has completely failed to, at least, acknowledge his glaring shortcomings while leading a Political Movement?

So the first impossible task is to convince Tsvangirai to step aside and allow someone alse to complete the noble task which he himself began! I think it is much easier to talk to Cde Robert Mugabe about stepping aside than it is to tell Mr Morgan Tsvangirai!

So while we “weep” for the failure of the MDC to “re-unite”, we must be grateful that the “original” MDC didn’t get into power otherwise we would having serious Contitutional Crises one after another.

The second impossible task is to make Cde Thabo Mbeki more sincere in his efforts to solve the Zimbabwean Crisis!

Cde Thabo Mbeki, as I have repeatedly said before, is more to blame for the Crisis in Zimbabwe than even Mugabe and ZANU-PF!

Were it not for the moral support from Mbeki and the ANC, Mugabe would not have proceeded the way he did!

But on the other hand it is not entirely false that the land issue had to addressed. I have said before that the land issue itself needs a submission of its own. There are too many half-truths and too many outright lies as far as the land issue is concerned.

Contrary to popular information, it was not Cde Mugabe’s idea that the land issue be addressed in the manner that it was now done. There is nothing as difficult as trying to inform angry people about something. The Zimbabweans have just to know the real truth about how the present “chaotic” Land Reform/Distribution Programme really came about.

Its very strategically important to know that because there is nothing as dangerous as fumbling in ignorance and having a whole lot of intellectuals lacking inside information on how things really happened in ZANU-PF.

That is where characters like us come in. To provide accurate inside information about the workings of ZANU-PF so that those that are seeking a way forward for Zimbabwe may not do “piece-jobs” which will not help the present situation.


After ZANU-PF and the Intelligence Forces saw the clear popularity of Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC, the situation was really desperate. Mugabe and ZANU-PF had to do one of two options.

The first one was to admit that the NCA/MDC Coalition must just be allowed to get into power.

It was a pure co-incidence that there was the “bad” correspondence between Britain (Claire Short etc) and ZANU-PF over the so-called failure of Britain to fulfil its obligations over providing funds for purchasing land from the white farmers.

I do not refuse that the land issue was a burning one which needed addressing. In fact I commend Mugabe and ZANU-PF for their patience over the two decades after 1980.

I also castigate Mugabe and ZANU-PF for rampant corruption in their use or rather misuse of the funds that they were receiving from Britain over the early years from 1980.

I also strongly castigate Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF for frustrating Dr Joshua Nkomo and the ex-ZIPRA fighters when they tried to establish models for re-settlement and self-reliance on the farms they purchased with their meagre “De-mob” payouts.

The 22nd of December, 2007 is exactly 20 years after that so-called “Unity Accord” when PF-ZAPU was effectively swallowed by Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF. But to add insult to injury, the NITRAM farms were not returned to their rightful owners. Many ex-ZIPRA fighters have since died and their families are wallowing in poverty and Robert Mugabe has not yet addressed this injustice.

The ex-ZAPU people in that “Unity Accord” eg Joseph Msika, Dumiso Dabengwa, Simon Khaya-Moyo etc are feeding their bulging bellies with ZANU loot and forgetting the issues affecting their former members. Wait until Mugabe dies and see these “resurrection” of issues like these!

I again castigate Mugabe and ZANU-PF for “crushing” the Rev Ndabaningi Sithole’s model of resettlement as he was trying it at his Churu Farm.

(My desire has always been to take a lot of time to explain where exactly some of us stand as far as the complex Zim Politics is concerned.)

The second option was for ZANU-PF to take a very risky path and do all the unthinkables you can ever imagine. This is the option that they decided to take.

Let me at this juncture address the details of how the “chaotic land re-destribution” really happened.

The serving and retired Army Generals, senior Intelligence Chiefs and very senior ZANU leaders like Cde Nathan Shamhuyarira requested a meeting with Cde Robert Mugabe. This was in early 2000. This meeting was held at the State House itself unlike other meetings which are held either at the ZANU-PF Headquarters or Munhumutapa (formerly Milton) Buildings.

I heard from very reliable sources that retired General Mujuru wept when he asked Cde Mugabe why the children had died in the Liberation War. (“Vana vakafirei nhai vaMugabe? Ko tinondoti chii kwavari vana ava?’/ “For what reason did the children die Cde Mugabe? What are we going to say to them?”)

I understand Cde Mugabe himself said, “My hands are tied. There is nothing I can do. There are all the laws: laws of trespass etc.” The meeting was very sombre and emotional. All the consequences of “unleashing the people” into the Commercial Farms were discussed. ZANU-PF did not do the so-called “land grab” without appreciating the very consequences that are before the country at the moment.

Cde Mugabe was told in no uncertain terms that he risks being just a “puppet” at State House while the country deteriorated into uncontrollable anarchy. The retired and serving Generals threatened not only to “turn a blind eye” to “farm invasions” but to actively assist in them.

An agreement was made that a task force was to be established which would include intellectuals like Dr (or is it Prof?) Claude Mararike which would carefully explore the direction that was being now taken and to have a serious look at the finer details of Information Dissemination and Control, The Legal Issues etc. Contrary to popular belief, Cde Mugabe did not behave as a normal dictator would in this particular so-called “Land Grab Issue.”

Cde Mugabe had to get assurances from those in the most senior positions that there would be a “pact of blood” unto death as they arranged to go this direction. This is very, very strategic to note for many wonder why no-one is organising a “coup” etc. Who will do the “coup” and with whom will he have arranged it?

I find it extremely irresponsible for Prof Jonathan Moyo to give the world a false hope that there could ever be a coup in Zimbabwe as things stand. Prof Moyo was close enough to the goings-on to know that the meeting in Victoria Falls occurred well after this meeting I’m referring to here. Anyone as high up as the Politburo would have to call for some uprising of some sort from outside the country and never from within Zimbabwe.

ZANU yakarukwa zvokuti hapana mutsauko pakati paiyo ZANU pachayo nemapazi eHurumende anenge maporisa, masoja, “zvipoko” etc etc (ZANU-PF is so well arranged that there is no difference between ZANU-PF the Political Party and the “arms” of Government eg the Police, The Army, The CIO etc etc.)

After the year 2000, ZANU-PF entered into a new “gear” and any “dubious” members within the Civil Service are immediately “flushed out” and either flee on their own or may even be severely dealt with if they continue to (as they say) continue to “frustrate the revolution.” Many have disappeared without trace if they dared persist in certain “counter-revolutionary” activities.

ZANU-PF was made to re-visit the very methods which they used during the war years. “Pungwes” (all-night rallies) had to return. Political Commissars had to be restored to effectiveness. The late Cde “Border-to-border” Border Gezi (although he himself was not a real war veteran) supervised this very strategic Department.

The ZANU-PF leadership then said they would only respect those Institutions and Laws that were not counter to the Revolution.

The late Vice-President Simon Vengai Muzenda once asked,” Ko High Court yamunoti ichakubatsirai kuti isu vene vevhu tisatora ivhu redu, yakanga iri kupi varungu pavakatitorera ivhu racho? Yakati chii High Court yacho? Inga varungu vacho ivavo ndivo vakatouya nayo High Court yacho?”

(This High Court which you say must and help you that we, the rightful owners of the land must not get our land back, where was it when the whites took that land away fron us? What did that High Court say then? Isn’t that the same whites are the ones who brought that same High Court?)

So the “flushing out” of senior Judges like Chief Justice Gubbay was very deliberate and had nothing to do with any inefficiencies etc on their part.

Think-tanks like Dr Tafataona Mahoso, Dr Claude Mararike etc were tasked with studying various previous revolutions so that they could not only chart the way forward but to also provide the “Revolution” with the necessary Academic “face”.

I once personally asked Dr Mararike (face-to-face) if they didn’t see certain of ZANU-PF’s faults eg rampant corruption, the assassination of various ZANU-PF and non-ZANU-PF members and his reply to me was very direct and specific. “We do not get distracted from our goals because of certain individual and specific incidents.” (words to that effect.) “There is no revolution that is perfect just like there is no individual that is perfect.” Knowing that I am a Minister of Gospel, he specifically said, “Jesus himself said there is none that is perfect but God only.”

So anyone who talks about ZANU-PF’s lack of respect for Human Rights, State-Sponsored Violence, the Rigging of Elections, Corruption (say in the Distribution of land etc) is really wasting their time; yes, wasting their precious time.

Prof Jonathan Moyo shocked me one day when he was still the Minister of State for Information. He was addressing Officers in the Zimbabwe National Army at their prestigious MILITARY ACADEMY. He said words to the effect that the issue of “multiple ownership” of farms was not important. What was important was that the land was now in black hands.

What the Honourable Professor did not realise then (perhaps he realises it now); is that for a Revolution to succeed, there should be a very minimum number of individuals who are dissatisfied with the “goings-on”. If you don’t care who you hurt, who you disappoint, who you frustrate etc then you end up with millions who you will describe as “sell-outs” like the situation we have at the moment with Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe rigs the Elections, Morgan Tsvangirai calls for that regime to be isolated, then Mugabe says Morgan is a sell-out because he calls for “sanctions” against the country.


If you will ill-treat me, like Dr Sidney Gata did specifically to me then don’t cry foul when I get the chance to hit back!


Mr Tsvangirai was perfectly justified in calling for South Africa and every country to completely isolate the Mugabe Regime. The issue was not only about the land issue. Surely which black person did not know that the Land Issue had to addressed in some way? But Mugabe and ZANU-PF were supposed to respect the new bigger Political Party and engage them in dialogue.


Why did Mugabe and ZANU-PF resort to rigging the Elections, torture and kill MDC supporters? Tsvangirai repeatedly called for ZANU-PF to a table where all issues could be discussed. That was the way forward. Tsvangirai has no fault whatsoever in anything he said or did during the whole duration of his leadership of Opposition Politics.

Whatever problems we may have with Tsvangirai should never give Robert Mugabe anything to smile about. We have come a long way with Mugabe and we know his tricks: where he smiles and where he frowns. Anyone who gets consolation from the problems afflicting the Opposition Formations is a stupid fool.

Back to the land issue!

What the world needs to know about the position of the original MDC on the Land Issue is as follows:

The MDC was agreed that land belonging to absentee landlords had to be acquired. The MDC was agreed that farmers who had land lying fallow perennially could have that land acquired. It was never imagined by the MDC that ZANU-PF wanted to evict all the 4500 white Commercial Farmers.

What the MDC was not aware of is that ZANU-PF wanted to use the “Land Grab” to destroy the “bases” of the MDC.

No-one in ZANU-PF should ever refuse that one of the objectives of ZANU-PF’s “land grab” was to destroy the support base of the MDC! I challenge anyone to refuse this or anything I have written or said in any of my numerous writings!

I urge all those who are serious in solving the Zim crisis to appreciate that Mugabe and ZANU-PF laugh when you hammer on Mugabe’s “Dictatorial” style etc.

Mugabe is used by ZANU-PF as the “Fall Guy” while the real actors eg Ignatious Chombo, Perrence Shiri, Elliot Manyika etc do the real “dirty work.” Those that compare ZANU-PF with a Mafia Organisation are very correct. Seniority is paramount in ZANU-PF! Unless Mugabe himself wants to “retire”, there can never be a “Leadership Renewal” in ZANU-PF.

Incidentally there are too many issues where Mugabe would have to face the people in Courts of Law so even if it was me in his shoes, I would never agree to “retire.”

Yes, to an extent Mugabe is a Dictator, but there is a very close group that would throw him out if he “fell out of line.” Solomon Mujuru is actually effectively more powerful in ZANU-PF than Robert Mugabe, believe it or not!

Mugabe would never survive if he “threw away” such characters as Solomon Mujuru and Emmerson Mnangagwa. These are the characters that have the capacity to destroy ZANU-PF if they fled the country and called for some uprising of that sort.

But of course greater characters have been assassinated by Robert Mugabe and his “comfort girl”, Oppar Muchinguri / Rushesha and that would be the only way Mugabe could rise above their influence if he really wanted to.

(As a by-the-way ……did you know that Air-Vice Josiah Tungamirai was poisoned? Just as another by-the-way ……did you know that Professor Masipula Sithole was also poisoned?)

Back to Mujuru and Munangagwa……..they would never think of effecting an uprising against Mugabe because of the intricate Mafia-type relationship that exists among them. that because Their hands are “well-oiled” and this patronage began well before the present “land grab.”

In closing let me tell you something that few people know about!

Like many Zimbabweans, I was completely disappointed when Cde Mugabe granted a Presidential Pardon to CIO operative Kanengoni and the other ZANU-PF youth leader who shot and nearly killed Cde Partick Kombayi during the Election Campaigns of 1990. Mr Patrick Kombayi was standing against the late Vice-President Simon Vengesai Muzenda in the Gweru Urban Constituency and Cde Kombayi was standing as a ZUM candidate.

Kombayi was warned repeatedly not to stand against the Vice-President but he correctly refused to withdraw. What is Democracy if some people are threatened if they stand against certain Candidates?

As he was driving his car like any other citizen in broad daylight, he was shot and nearly murdered and had to be flown to Britain to receive specialist medical treatment. Ironically, Britain has always looked after many that fled Mugabe and ZANU-PF going back to the late great “Chibwechitedza” Joshua Mqabuko kaNyongolo Nkomo.

The would-be assasins were arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced in a competent Court of Law and had to serve lengthy jail sentences. As soon as the sentence was passed, a Presidential Pardon was produced and the two thugs were released to join the world of the innocent.

But did you know the whole story of what led to the Presidential Pardon?

Certain in the CIO had vowed that their Minister, Emmerson Munangagwa (who had given the “go-ahead” to the assassination of Patrick Kombayi) would not see the sun if the two operatives served even a single day of any sentence handed down to them.

So Munangagwa approached Robert Matibili and informed him of that state of affairs.

Mugabe then hastily signed the Presidential Pardon even before the Judge had reached a Judgement of any sort.

So the world must know that these speculations of a Munangagwa Faction which may do this or a Mujuru Faction which may connive with whoever else to do that may be seriously exaggerated. While I do not rule out anything in Politics, it is wise sometimes to get a lot of inside informatiom before categorically stating that “a coup is imminent” etc.

The structure of ZANU-PF is that senior Government Officials (including Army Commanders, Intelligence Officers etc) report to Politburo members. It is therefore very difficult for any senior Military Person to arrange for any major activity without word quickly reaching the very Presidency of the Party.
Dissatisfied members (especially junior ones) just quietly flee the country and the best they can do is to encourage the opposition Forces to step up their determination. The senior ones have too many perks and would never risk leaving their lives of luxury to start an uncertain life in South Africa, Britain or wherever else.

I sincerely thank you for the opportunity to communicate with you all in this manner.

In my next submission, I will digress a bit and look at how the ANC Government is fully responsible for the high crime rate in South Africa. The problem can never be solved by policing alone. Political will is required and apparently Cde Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki is a cold academic who cannot re-invent himself to be an effective charismatic revolutionary.

South Africa needs an aggressive leader that will challenge the status quo and lead the fight for his people. There are too many dissatisfied people in the country and the white people should go out of their way to embrace the new Order. At present they are taking a “lets wait and see attitude” and meanwhile they are being gunned down in dozens. The “have-nots” are not only gunning down white people.

It’s a war for survival and whoever is the “haves” category must and will get the sound.

Many whites are busy mocking the Zimbabwean situation not knowing that they may themselves need to rush to the same Zimbabwe when the simmering pot of black anger erupts here in Azania. The problems Zimbabwe is going through at the moment do not mean the black man should not get a place in the sun in the land of his forefathers. The white man should be taking the opportunity to make first moves and not make jokes out of Zimbabwe’s passing challenges.

My coming submission will look at what I have seen in the South African society and for your “preview”, South Africa will continue to be a violent society and that not having much to do with foreigners, as commonly believed.

The “haves” are not safe behind the 3-metre high walls that they are erecting! A more equitable distribution of wealth is the only answer. Unfortunately the ANC’s so-called leaders are busy dealing in corruption and have forgotten the reason why millions like Cde Steve Biko, Cde Ruth First and others died.

Cde Jacob Zuma is promising to deal more firmly with criminals. He promises to bring back the death sentence if it is the majority view in the country.

Someone else said the public have too many guns and only the Police and the Army should have guns. My experience on a certain night showed me that the public is not safe in the hands of the Police especially when certain unscrupulous among them think none is watching their moves.

The solution is to identify the groups that survive on crime. The late great singer Peter Tosh asked, “Everybody talks about crime, crime, but who are the criminals?”

I know many you may not see the depth in my line of argument.

Don’t worry; the full submission is on its way.


Respectfully submitted,

Rev Mufaro Stig Hove.


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