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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Birthday MDC!

Lets celebrate the seven years of the existence of the Movement for Democratic Change (the MDC) by remembering those that suffered and died to have a new Democratic Dispensation in Zimbabwe.

Rev M S Hove.
cell (in RSA) 0027791463039.



A report by the MDC Information and Publicity DepartmentThis document details human rights abuses perpetrated against MDC supporters and officials since the beginning of 2004 by ZANU PF supporters, the youth militia, state agents and war veterans. The incidents are arranged in chronological order.

4 January, Midland Province: The house of ward 9 councillor, Simon Dick was destroyed in a bomb attack by suspected CIO agents. Councillor Dick and his sister-in-law managed to escape unscathed after a bomb was thrown through the dining room window in the early hours of Sunday 4 January.
A petrol bomb was found in Councillor Dick's car the following morning. Also found was an MDC T-shirt in the yard presumably to mislead the Birthday community into believing that Dick's home was petrol-bombed by MDC activists. Police officers from the forensic department were called to investigate. No arrests have been made to date.
4 January, Mashonaland Central: ZANU PF supporters went on the rampage in Shamva at around 2300 hours moving from door to door looking for, and attacking, MDC supporters. MDC activist, Alexander Chigega (53) was killed during the attacks. The ZANU PF group comprised of leader and area District Chairman Noel Chikanga, Milton Kange, the Youth Chairperson for the same district as well as Edison Dumbu, Tichaona Gwekwe, Harrison Zuze Ogy Minetsi and Edwin.
The ZANU PF group first descended on the home of Enias Mutsaunobaya where they severely beat Enias, his wife and children and left him for dead. They proceeded to Chigega's home where they severely attacked him and his family. Chigega was left unconscious and had to be ferried to the police station where he later died.
The late had been taken to the police station by relatives who hoped to get a letter from the police that would have enabled him to get medical attention at the nearest hospital. (It is law in Zimbabwe that an assault victim must get a police report before seeking medical attention.)
After attacking the Chigega family the ZANU PF group proceeded to Rueben Manyika's home where they severely assaulted him. He was left for dead. The matter was reported to the police but no arrests were made. Rueben Manyika, Enias Mutsaunobaya, his wife Baybite and the wife and daughter of the late Chigega were taken to hospital. Manyika, Mutsaunobaya and his wife were referred to a Harare hospital while Mrs. Chigega and her daughter were briefly admitted to a Bindura hospital
5 January, Midlands: 27 war veterans abducted headman Sikombingo from his Lower Gweru home. Prior to his abduction, Zanu PF officials had threatened Sikombingo with disappearance for sympathizing with MDC. The abduction was reported to both the police and the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Rugare Gumbo, by the local Member of Parliament, Hon Renson Gasela, but no arrests were made.
Two other old men in their 80s, Mzingwane and Genga fled their homes after receiving similar threats from the same ZANU PF officials over their perceived allegiance to the MDC.
5 January, Matabeleland North: Prisca Sibanda, an MDC activist, succumbed to injuries she sustained at the hands of the ZANU PF youth militia in Hwange. At the time of her beating, Prisca was pregnant and went into premature labour. Her ribs were also broken when she was severely beaten by the youth militia during the run-up to the March 2002 Presidential Election. She never recovered from the wounds she sustained and leaves behind a two-year-old infant.
7 January, Manicaland Province: Tawanda Mutomba, a schoolteacher at Vengere High School in Rusape, was abducted by known Central Intelligence Operatives in broad daylight. The CIO operatives, who included a Mr. Tasa who is the Officer In charge of Makoni, his assistant Roy Chitaka, Mattre Kambarami and another only known as Hwende, used a light blue Toyota pick up truck (registration number: 640- 522T.)
The four accused the victim of being responsible for distributing "The Changing Times," an MDC in-house weekly news publication. He escaped from his captors a few days later and fled to Mutare where he sought refuge. He has since left teaching as a result of fear for his life.
12 January, Mashonaland West: Eight MDC supporters attending a district meeting were arrested by the police and charged under POSA. The eight, Fidelis Tiritese, Mind Chambati, Stanley Razaro, Ben Nyamadzawo, Surviyor Dipuka, Stanfred Dipuka and Henry Chigutiro were charged and detained at Magunje police station for holding an illegal meeting.
16 January, Masvingo: The MDC candidate for the February 2- 3 Parliament By- election, Crispa Musoni, survived an ambush on his car by a group of ZANU PF supporters who were moving in three trucks. The incident happened at around 2130 hours when Mr. Musoni had just closed his shop and was on his away home.
The three ZANU PF trucks, inscribed Matabeleland South Province and Bulilamamangwe and carrying about 30 people, blocked Musoni's way and demanded that all the people in Musoni's car disembark. Musoni refused and drove back to his shop from where he telephoned the police. The police responded swiftly and escorted Musoni home.
A smaller ZANU PF group of about 10 people followed Musoni and attempted to attack his family home. They retreated when Musoni threatened to shoot and kill anyone who ventured into his yard.
23 January, Harare: More than 15 members of the Zimbabwe Republican Police descended on the MDC offices at Harvest House in Harare and searched the building for about one and half hours at around 1530hrs. The police claimed they were looking for 'subversive material'. Party policy documents were confiscated as were copies of 'Changing Times' and copies of staff telephone numbers.
The police also raided both the MDC's Regional Office in Bulawayo.
23 January, Matabeleland North: The personal assistant to the Lupane Member of Parliament, Mr. David Nyathi was arrested by police for distributing copies of the weekly news bulletin called Zvakwana. Nyathi was taken to Bulawayo Central Police station and was released on the 27th of January without charge.
24 January, Manicaland: Five army officers led by Jokoja pointed a gun at an MDC supporter and demanded that he should remove the MDC T-shirt he was wearing. Bothwell Musimwa, a worker at Charles wood farm which is owned by the MDC legislator Roy Bennet told the officers that he saw nothing wrong in putting on an MDC T-shirt considering the MDC is lawfully recognized in the country. The army officers forcibly removed his T- shirt and tore it. They warned him against supporting MDC and wearing MDC regalia.
On the same day, the Provincial Governor for Manicaland, Mike Nyambuya, addressed a council meeting which was exclusively for ZANU PF councilors after MDC councilors were barred from attending.
The house of Brighton Muchiwu, a ZANU PF activist in Chimanimani, was petrol bombed by unknown assailants. Police and members of Central Intelligence used this incident as a pretext for searching all houses belonging to MDC members and engaging in an orgy of violence against known MDC activists. Benson Mukwaya, Lovemore Jakachira, Chengetanai Munyepfu, Takesure Sigauke, and Jaspa Gavaza were all severely assaulted.
24 January, Manicaland (Buhera): A group youth militia headed by a CIO operative known as Mhlanga descended on Mrs. Mary Mthetwa at Murambinda Growth Point in Buhera. They demanded to know where her daughter Shemita Madongwe was. They told her that they had heard Shemita speaking on one of the foreign radios about Zimbabwe. They beat up Mrs. Mthetwa who was later taken to a private clinic in Mutare for medical attention.
25 January, Mashonaland West: Hurungwe West: Four MDC members, Bishop Silas, Silas Dhawuda Charles Siyibwa and Mike Bandahwe were dragged out of their homes by a group of about 40 ZANU PF supporters led by a war veteran only known as Garamukanwa and Peter Marandu. One of the ZANU PF supporters, Bernard Jeffreys, confiscated 15 MDC membership cards being sold by one of the captured MDC members. He further destroyed a portrait of the MDC President displayed in Bishop Silas's home.
The four were taken to Wellwin Farm, which has been turned into a ZANU PF torture camp and were severely assaulted and detained for more than 10 hours. They were only released at around 1900 hours. The matter was reported to the police in Karoi and a docket, RRB number 183550 dated 29 January 2004 was opened. No arrests have been made yet.
26 January, Bulawayo: The MDC Bulawayo Regional Administrator, Mr. Joshua Mpofu, was taken in by the police for questioning over allegations that copies of the weekly news bulletin called Zvakwana were found in his office at the time the police carried out a search of the offices on the 23rd of January. He was released the same day without charge.
26 January, Mashonaland East: A group of ZANU PF supporters moving in a white truck written Mashonaland East Province, in the Murehwa district, carried out a witch hunt on MDC supporters in the area. The supporters were captured after their homes were thoroughly searched and they were taken to a ZANU PF base at Duku shopping Centre where they were paraded in public and subject to verbal abuse and physical assault.
Amongst the captives was Andrew Chikoto, a school headmaster, Stuart Chinyoka and Bob George both of whom are MDC activists and Matthew Birimhiri the MDC district chairperson for the area.
The four were told to leave the area and go to stay with their President Morgan Tsvangirai. ZANU PF supporters who had gathered to witness the kangaroo court proceedings were told that they were free to deal with the captors in any way they deemed necessary but they would have to do it in the absence of the ZANU PF officials. Joshua Kafure, Mrs. Hunidzarira and another only known as Dandara led the ZANU PF group.
27 January, Manicaland (Chimanimani): Four MDC activists were kidnapped at gunpoint by members of the CIO operatives at the MDC offices at around 0930 hours in Chimanimani. The four, Pardon Maguta the district coordinator for the area, security personnel Lovemore Mbiri and Cephas Mudhara and Chengetai Munyepfu, a driver, were bundled into a truck at gunpoint by five members of the CIO. Only two of the CIO operatives, Pardington Mpofu and Shingi, were identified. The four were detained for a week during which time they were severely beaten.
2 February, Gutu North Constituency: Voting was in progress in the Gutu North Constituency Parliamentary by- election. Suspected ZANU PF agents driving a truck with registration number 779-069 N at Matiza polling station abducted an MDC youth Monica Mambanje.
Chiefs in most parts of the constituency were seen writing the names of the voters as they came in to cast their votes. Teachers in various parts of the constituency, including those at Rufaro Mission, were forced to declare that they were not able to vote on their own and thus needed to be 'assisted'. Mr. Moyo, a teacher at Rufaro, came forward to say that he was forced to declare that he was not able to vote for himself and thus needed 'assistance'.
3 February, Mashonaland East, (Murehwa): A group of ZANU PF district officials in the area led by Siwela carried out a door to door campaign to weed out MDC supporters. Among the victims were Francis Muronzi and his wife Beaty Usaviwevhu who were picked up from their home at around 13.00 hours and were severely beaten for allegedly selling the country to whites by supporting the MDC. They also lost $350 000,00 which had been contributed by the local community to procure fertilizers.
4 February, Manicaland (Chipinge): Several MDC supporters were severely assaulted by ZANU PF supporters who went on a rampage raiding homes belonging to perceived MDC members in Tanganda and Musane village in Chipinge. The raids started at around 2300 hours and continued throughout the night.
Tonderai Manjoko's home in Tanganda was raided at around 2330 hours by a group of about 15 ZANU PF youths who were moving in a white truck, inscribed Zimbabwe Republic Police, and was being driven by a member of the force who was in uniform. They knocked at his door demanding that he should come out. When he refused they forced opened the door and dragged him into the truck and drove off. Among his abductors Tonderai was able to identify Danmore Masthezana who is a well-known ZANU PF youth in the area. Tonderai was severely assaulted and was robbed of $ 65000,00.
In Musame village the ZANU PF group descended on the home of Gordon Mushakavanhu, the former ZUM Member of Parliament for the constituency. Gordon and two others were severely assaulted. The ZANU PF group proceeded to the home of MDC activist James Dhliwayo, but failed to break the security wall.
6 February, Mashonaland East (Murehwa): The ZANU PF district leadership in the area of Murehwa intensified its terror campaign in the area against perceived MDC supporters. The ZANU PF leadership led by Siwela moved from house to house hunting for MDC supporters and severely assaulted anyone perceived to be an MDC sympathizer
J. Makombe, Beauty Musekiwa and E. Maronza were among some of the people terrorized by this ZANU PF group. The fruits and vegetables they were selling to sustain themselves were confiscated and they were severely assaulted. They were later told to leave the area immediately and go to live with their President Morgan Tsvangirai. They have all fled to Harare to seek refugee.
6 February, Manicaland (Chimanimani): Three MDC women were abducted and subsequently raped by ZANU PF supported war veterans at Charleswood Farm in Chimanimani. The three women, Viola Ngwenya (18), Spiwe Chivhuro (15) and Melody were taken by war veterans to their base in the area.
Viola is alleged to have been raped twice by Muusha over the night while the other two women are said to have been sexually abused by Nasho, Kareyi and Mabumba who took turns to fondle their breasts and private parts.
8 February, Manicaland (Chimanimani): Shemi Chimbarara, an MDC activist was murdered by members of the Zimbabwe national army at Charleswood Farm.
A group of about 20 ZANU PF supporters led by Muusha Chamunorwa, Charles Chigamba, Nasho and a Makamanzi descended on the home of Amos Makaza, a security guard at the farm, at around 19.00 hrs. They attacked the house destroying windowpanes but retreated when farm workers from the compound come to assist Makaza. They came back later with the backing of the army and fired some shots at Makaza's home.
The ZANU PF group and the army followed the farm workers to their compound and fired more shots. Shemi was shot and killed on the spot while John Kaitano was shot in the leg. Kaitano was taken to a hospital in Mutare.
8 February, Manicaland (Chipinge): The MP for Chipinge North, Methias Matewu, survived an assassination attempt by the ZANU PF sponsored militia at Bingwa Business Center in Chipinge. The incident occurred when Matewu was addressing a rally at Bingwa Business Centre, a rally which had been cleared by police. Hundreds of ZANU PF militia were dropped off at the venue by ZESA, DDF and ARDA vehicles and started beating up MDC supporters as soon as they departed the rally. These attacks happened in front of police officers who stood by and watched.
28 February, Mashonaland Central (Shamva): Four MDC activists in the Shamva area of Mashonaland Central were arrested. The four, Forget Daniso (Youth Organising Secretary), Bernard Gandanzara (Ward 7 Chairperson), Gonore Humba and Levis Munave, all of Shamva district were arrested, and taken to Mt Darwin Police station on spurious allegations of pouring blood and dumping some corpse stretchers on the door steps of some ZANU PF activists in the area. Members of the CID searched their homes but nothing incriminating was found.
The four were then taken to the home of ZANU PF District Chairperson, and later released. They were picked up again the following day by Bindura police, and handed over to the CIO operatives in Bindura. They were detained, tortured and released from Bindura Police Station three days later. They are still under medical supervision.
3 March, Chitungwiza (Zengeza Constituency): A group of about 20 ZANU PF sponsored youth militia attacked Mrs. Apolonia Tarupiwa (nee Choruwa) at her home in Zengeza at around 2330 hours. The militia group demanded that Mrs. Tarupiwa hand over all the MDC material she had in her possession. They also attacked Daniel Mapuranga who is a tenant at Mrs. Tarupiwa's house.
4 March, Chitungwiza (Zengeza): A group of ZANU PF supporters attacked MDC members in Zengeza at around 1500 hours. Lazarus Mbodza and Trust Chimbidzikai were abducted and taken to a ZANU PF base in Unit H where they were severely assaulted. Another MDC member, Lancelot Masaraure, was brutally attacked with sticks and logs and left unconscious.
7 March, Chitungwiza (Zengeza): Zanu PF militia invaded the venue of a planned MDC rally in Zengeza. The rally was set to launch the MDC's campaign for the by-election to be held in the Zengeza constituency on 27 and 28 March.
At around 10.00 am a group of about 200 ZANU PF sponsored militia descended on the venue of the MDC rally and attacked MDC supporters who were preparing for the event. The MDC group, numbering about 20 youths, were all severely assaulted. The police who were present did nothing to protect the MDC supporters or restrain the militia. The police contingent included the Officer-in-Charge of Chitungwza and his assistant, a superintendent Mutemaringa.
At around 11.30 am as the MDC campaign team was driving to the venue of the rally it was attacked by ZANU PF militia armed with knobkerries, stones and sticks.
Members of the riot police stood by as the ZANU PF youths went on the rampage destroying vehicles and beating up people. No arrests have been made despite the fact that all this happened in their presence.
7 March, Mashonaland Central (Shamva): Elijah Mutanhaurwa the MDC vice chairperson for ward 4 in Shamva, his wife and son Washington and Mrs Alice Matanda were abducted and frog marched to a ZANU PF meeting which was being addressed by Milton Kange, the ZANU PF youth chairperson for the area. The meeting was held at Kaziro School. The four were asked to renounce their MDC membership. When they refused to do so, they were forced to lie down on their bellies and were severely assaulted on their buttocks with sticks.
After being assaulted, they were again frog marched to their respective homes where searches were carried out for any MDC material. They found an MDC t-shirt at Elijah's house, which they took. They did not find anything at Matanda's house.
The four were threatened against reporting the matter to the police.
9 March, Chitungwiza (Zengeza): Three MDC supporters were attacked by ZANU PF youth militia in Zengeza constituency. The three opposition supporters were part of a group that was distributing MDC campaign material in the constituency. The victims were Charles Marapinyu, Mrs Karina Benhura (48) and Farai Tarupiwa. Another MDC supporter, Jabu Mtunzi, had the windows and asbestos sheets of his house in Unit D shattered in the attack by the ZANU PF group. The three who were attacked sustained serious injuries. Benhura had injuries to her face, and all over her body. She was taken to hospital in Harare. The other two received cuts on their backs as a result of beatings with sjamboks.
The district chairman for the area, Abel Suwani, led the ZANU PF group. After trailing the MDC group the ZANU PF youths attacked them forcing them to run in all directions. They pursued them and brutally assaulted them with an assortment of weapons, which included chains, sticks and stones.
10 March, Chitungwiza (Zengeza): More than 100 ZANU PF youth militia stoned three houses belonging to members of the opposition including that of James Makore, the MDC candidate for the Zengeza by-election.
The ZANU PF mob, which was moving in trucks, arrived at around 1430 hours and invaded the three houses. They beat up anybody who was found anywhere near the candidate's house. They also destroyed property valued at millions of dollars.
The ZANU PF mob also abducted an MDC youth, Enock Mukudu, who had to give them $30 000,00 to secure his release but not before he was stabbed in his left arm by one of his abductors. He also sustained a cut above his right eye.
No arrests were made. The injured were taken to hospital.
11 March, Chitungwiza (Zengeza): Madeira, an MDC activist in the Zengeza constituency, was arrested on allegations that his house was being used as a safe house by MDC youths. Madeira's house was stoned by a group of ZANU PF youths on 10 March and goods worth millions of dollars were destroyed.
Some police officers went to his house and accused him of providing safe houses to MDC youths and subsequently arrested him. He was taken to Harare Central police station where he was detained.
12 March, Chitungwiza (Zengeza): ZANU PF youths tried to raid the home of the MDC candidate for Zengeza.
13 March, Midlands North (Redcliff): Isaac Muzimba the MDC Midlands North Provincial Chairperson was arrested by Redcliff police on allegations that he had made a statement that was likely to incite public violence.
Muzimba was addressing an MDC gathering that had come for the launch of the MDC campaign for the ward 3 council by-election that was due to be held on 27 and 28 March 2004. Also present at the mini rally were Hon. Blessing Chebundo the Member of Parliament for Kwekwe Central, Hon A Malinga the Member of Parliament for Silobela and the Mayor of Redcliff, Rogers Chisi.
20 March, Chitungwiza (Zengeza): Samantha Chabayanzara, an MDC activist, was brutally assaulted by six ZANU PF youths at her home in Zengeza. Samantha 19 was in bed at the time the six ZANU PF youths raided her home. They demanded that she should hand over to them traditional drums that belong to her family which are normally used at MDC rallies to provide entertainment.
She was hit with over the head by an empty bottle and suffered severe cuts.
Among her assailants, she was able to identify Douglas Chipuya, a known ZANU PF youth in the area. The group ran away as soon as they had inflicted harm on her.
Samantha was taken to a hospital in Harare where she received treatment.
In the same Zengeza constituency, 10 MDC youths were arrested and were taken to Makoni police station.
22 March, Chitungwiza, (Zengeza): Goodrich Chimbaira, the MDC councillor for ward 20 in Chitungwiza, was arrested together with Misheck Chimusipa, an MDC activist. The two were accused of having forced a ZANU PF supporter in Unit D to buy an MDC party card.
24 March, Chitungwiza, (Zengeza): The MDC candidate for Zengeza, James Makore, was saved by the police from imminent attack by a mob of about 300 ZANU PF supporters at Chikwanha shopping centre in the constituency. The incident took place at around 1500 hours. Makore had gone to Chikwanha shopping centre where he intended to buy some groceries for his family. At the shopping centre, he found himself surrounded by the ZANU PF mob and for more than 20 minutes, he could not move as his vehicle was blocked by the mob.
Maud Yotamu, the MDC ward 11 chairperson, was abducted from her home at around 22.00 hours and taken to a ZANU PF base at the district offices. Mrs Yotamu was already in bed when her captors knocked at her door purporting to be members of the police force who wanted to talk to her. When she opened the door, she was dragged out and taken to the base. She was tortured for more than two hours before being released. They told her to report back the following morning.
24 March, Chitungwiza (Zengeza): The 10 MDC youths who were arrested on 22 March were released on $50 000 bail each.
25 March, Chitungwiza (Zengeza): Misheck Chimusipa and councilor Goodrich Chimbaira released on $ 50 000 bail each.
25 March, Chitungwiza (Zengeza): Mrs Lilian Mashumba (nee Chinyerere) the wife of the district chairperson for Zengeza, Stanford Mashumba, was attacked by seven suspected ZANU PF supporters at her home in Zengeza. Mrs Mashumba was doing some cleaning when the seven men arrived and demanded to see her husband.
The men covered their faces to disguise their identity. When they were told that Mr Mashumba had gone to Mr Makore the MDC candidate for Zengeza's house they demanded that she should hand-over all the MDC material that her husband is keeping at home. They proceeded to attack her with sticks and kicked her several times in the head.
25 March, Chitungwiza (Zengeza): Tendai Musaki, an MDC activist, was abducted by seven ZANU PF youths at his flee market shop in Zengeza 3. He was abducted at around 1600 hours. His abductors handcuffed him before dragging him for a distance of more than 500 metres to a ZANU PF base in the area after they had alleged that he had stolen something and they claimed that they wanted to take him to the police.
At the ZANU PF base he was subjected to severe assaults with sjamboks, sticks and iron bars as the ZANU PF group at the base took turns to assault him. He was only released 24 hours later. He suffered cuts all over his body. The matter was reported to the police but no arrests were made. Tendai was taken to a hospital in Harare for treatment.
26 March, Chitungwiza (Zengeza): A group of about 100 Zanu PF militia, armed with stones and metal objects, descended on the home of James Makore, the MDC candidate in the Zengeza constituency parliamentary by-election and attacked all the people who were at the home at about 1600 hours. Ten MDC youths were injured and were rushed to hospital in Harare. The injured are Memory Mazowe, Tendai Phillip, Tendai Chinyanga, Clever Mhonda, Mathew Bosha, Dick Maneka, Jabulani Mtunzi, Silvanos Chinorwirwa, Abel Maveza, Chamunorwa Maringaziva and Councillor Mangoma.
27 March, Chitungwiza (Zengeza):
First Day of Voting in Zengeza By-Election
0645 hours: Three MDC youths were arrested on their way to a polling station.
1023 hours: Mrs Makadii, a known MDC activist in the Zengeza constituency, was abducted and taken to a ZANU PF base by a group of ZANU PF youths. Mrs Makadii was on her way to the polling station to cast her vote.
1100 hours: The police arrested three MDC officials who were monitoring the election. Those arrested were Tariro Shumba, the provincial information officer for Chitungwiza, Donald Chirunga, the election's directorate officer, and Spencer Ndemera, a security officer. Ndemera was falsely accused of being in possession of a firearm. His vehicle was searched but nothing was found. The three had gone to the police to report some irregularities that were being perpetrated by some ZANU PF supporters.
1115 hours: the police close down The MDC command centre, which was at the candidate's house. The party officials who were working from the centre were chased out.
15.00 hours: ZANU PF officials, headed by Minister Elliot Manyika and Joseph Chinotima, arrived at the Tent polling station and demanded that Good rich Chimbaira, who is an MDC councillor for the area and who was also a polling agent in the by-election, be removed. They allege that his presence at the polling station was likely to influence the voters. Voting was stopped for more than half an hour as the two parties argued over the issue. The MDC officials later compromised and decided to remove Chimbaira. Later ZANU PF changed their mind and demanded that Misheck another MDC polling agent should also be removed. All this happened in the presence of the provincial registrar, Mr Tsuro.
17.00 hours: Two MDC supporters, Matope and Musekiwa, were tracked down by ZANU PF youths soon after they had cast their votes. The two were assaulted but one of the assailants was captured and handed over to the police.
18.30 hours: Four MDC vehicles were stoned by a group of ZANU PF supporters. This happened in the presence of the police in Unit H, at the Tent polling station.
More than 200 voters who were in a voting queue were also attacked and chased away by a group of Zanu PF youth militia. No arrests were made despite the fact that the perpetrators committed the crime right in front of members of the police.
19.15 hours: A group of about 20 ZANU PF youths at Zengeza 3 polling station blocked anybody perceived to be an MDC supporter from casting their votes.
21.35 hours: A gang of the notorious " Chipangano" (Zanu terror gang) carried out a door to door campaign looking for MDC supporters and assaulting them.
24.00 hours: Two houses belonging to well-known MDC activist, Mrs Ndakadii and Mr Munyoro, were attacked by suspected ZANU PF supporters. All windows were smashed on Mrs Ndakadii's house while Mr Munyoro's house had its doors broken.
Second day of voting:
07.30 hours: Hundreds of ZANU PF supporters attempted to block suspected MDC supporters from going to polling stations. Scores of MDC activists were assaulted.
08.00 hours: Francis Chinozvina, an MDC youth, was shot in the chest at the home of the MDC candidate James Makore when Zanu PF supporters opened fire. He was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital in Harare. Another MDC youth, Arthur Gunzvenzve, was shot in the leg. Ten other MDC youths Leonard, Dendera, Esnath Mawire, Peter Katerere, Tawanda Mutemeri, Douglas Marowa, Peter Kembo, Gift Katsa, Linda Siriya, Wilbert Chimbwedza, Tendai Karimazondo, Patience Girizha, Jameson Mombe and Tinashe Gahodza were seriously injured in the raid.
11.00 hours: All polling stations were sealed off by ZANU PF youths and voters were turned away. Hundreds of voters who attempted to go and cast their votes were assaulted.
21.30 hours: Hon. Tumbare Mutasa was arrested on allegations that he had fired a gun at ZANU PF supporters at around 10.00 hours in unit D. Chitungwiza.
29 March: Hundreds of ZANU PF supporters moved around the residential area of Chitungwiza beating up perceived MDC supporters.
1 April, Mashonaland Central (Mount Darwin North): Force Chapfuruka, the district chairperson for Mount Darwin North constituency, was abducted from his home by three CIO agents. The three agents (Gombiro, Rwizi and a third whose name has not been established) are known in the area for victimizing MDC supporters and for supporting ZANU PF. Tichaona Mutedza, one of the MDC activists who survived the abduction, alleges that when the agents failed to get him, they abducted his wife, Maidei Antonio. Maidei is said to have been taken to Mukumbura police station where she was detained after she had been severely assaulted by the CIO agents. She was release the following day. Chapfuruka was released after a week.
8 April, Matebeleland North (Lupane): Gerald Khumalo (33) an MDC activist was attacked by a group of about 20 war veterans at Lupane Business Centre on 7 April at around 21.30 hours.
Gerald was relaxing in Wise Waters cocktail bar when a group of about 20 war veterans, among them Timon Mlilo and Obert Dube, approached him, grabbed him by the collar, handcuffed him and dragged him out of the bar, punching him in the face in the process. They took him to the CIO office at the business centre, but found it closed. While waiting to get the keys to the CIO office, the war veterans told Khumalo that Njabuliso Mguni, the MDC candidate in the by-election, was a sell out because he once worked for the Government, but has crossed the floor to the opposition.
Khumalo was rescued by other MDC youths who followed the abductors to the CIO office and forced them to release Gerald.
War veterans and Zanu PF militia set up bases in Lupane ahead of the parliamentary by-election to be held on 15 - 16 May 2004. One such base is Kusile District Council pre-school situated at Lupane business centre.
16 April, Matebeleland North (Lupane): ZANU PF continues to set up militia bases in the Lupane constituency in preparation for the by-election. Hundreds of youth are being moved into these bases to take up positions.
19 April, Harare (Mabvuku): MDC MP for Mutasa, Evelyn Masaiti, was arrested in Mabvuku on her way from Mutare.
Hon Masaiti was arrested together with four other people who were travelling in her vehicle. The other five were Stanford Bote, Henry Chimbiri, Zvamaida Nyaruwata and Takesure Mashavire. The five were coming from Mutasa constituency where the Hon member had gone to attend a memorial service in respect of a member of her constituency who had passed away.
Oscar Pemhiwa the ward 19 councillor for Mabvuku was arrested while relaxing with friends at Matongo Shopping centre in Mabvuku.
20 April, Manicaland (Mutare): More that 250 Zanu PF women and youths besieged the Mayor of Mutare's offices at the Civic Centre in Mutare. The Zanu PF mob, which was transported to the Civic Centre in government vehicles, carried coffins inscribed "MDC rest in peace". The mob was supplied with food from TNT food outlet, which belongs to Shadreck Beta, a Zanu PF Central Committee member.
21 April, Harare: Hon Evelyn Masaiti and four others were released on a bail of $100 000,00 each while Councilor Oscar Pemhiwa was released on $50 000,00 bail out.
22 April, Manicaland (Mutasa): Clifford Regede, the deputy organising secretary for Mutasa constituency was visited by suspected CIO agents at his home in Mutasa at around 20.00 hours on 21 April 2004. They demanded to know why he supported the MDC. He responded by telling them that MDC offered a brighter future for him. They offered to give him $3 million for a job, the details of which they would disclose the following Friday when they turned up to finalise the deal. Regede refused and asked the agents to leave.
24 April, Matabeleland North (Lupane): ZANU PF supporters moved from door to door in Gomoza ward of Lupane hunting down MDC supporters and assaulting them.
Job Tshuma and his wife Sicingeni Tshuma were dragged out of their home into the bush where they were brutally assaulted. Apparently the ZANU PF group were looking for Robert Tshuma, the MDC ward chairman , and when they failed to get him they went for Job and his wife. The couple was taken to St Luke's Hospital in Lupane where they received treatment.
25 April, Matebeleland North (Lupane): More than 500 MDC supporters had gathered at the Gormoza shopping centre and were being addressed by the MDC leadership, which included MPs Moses Mzila Ndlovu and Abednigo Bhebhe, when four ZANU PF trucks arrived. The occupants of the four trucks were shouting, "overrun them." For some minutes the ZANU PF trucks continued to try and intimidate the crowd but the MDC supporters stood firm and refused to dispurse. The incident took place in front of the police.
26 April, Manicaland (Mutare): More than 500 ZANU PF supporters besieged the council offices for the second week running. They were singing and shouting ZANU PF slogans demanding the resignation of Misheck Kagurabadza the MDC Mayor for the city and demanding that a commission be set up to run council business. 7 April, Manicaland (Mutare): More than 100 ZANU PF supporters blocked the offices of the Mutare mayor. The crowd tied the door to the mayor's office with wire and beat up any suspected MDC supporters that were seen near the council building. Huggins Kashiri and Nyasha Katsidzira, two MDC activists, were severely assaulted.
2 May, Manicaland (Makoni North): More than five families that were suspected of having attended an MDC rally held at Chiendambuya Growth Point were forced to flee their homes. The ZANU PF supporters carried a door to door campaign abducting the MDC supporters who were suspected of having attended the rally. Douglas Chapinduka and his wife Joyce Katunga, Tsitsi Razaro, Barbra Munyaradzi, Judith Chikadure and Marshall Muchipi were some of the victims who were abducted in the night and taken to Makombe Busines Centre where they were severely assaulted throughout the night. Among their kidnappers were known ZANU PF activists namely Khumalo the youth chairperson for the area and another member only known as Sithole.
The displaced families were accused of selling the country to the whites by attending an MDC rally. Those who were seriously injured were taken to a hospital in Harare.
11 May 2004, Matebeleland North (Lupane): Morgan Komichi, the MDC Matebeleland North Provincial chairperson, and 18 MDC youths, were arrested at Lupane business shopping centre at around 10 00 hours after they had clashed with members of the youth militia.
The incident, which occurred at around 0700 hours, was triggered off by the militias who attacked the MDC youths who were putting up posters and distributing campaign material in preparation for a rally which was to be addressed by the MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai the following day.
The militias were repulsed and soon after heavily armed police descended on the MDC offices and arrested the youths. No one on the ZANU PF side was arrested. Those arrested were detained at Lupane police station and they include Morgan Komichi the Matebeleland North Provincial Chairperson.
11 May, Matebeleland North (Jotsholo): 44 MDC supporters were arrested at around 1030 am on their way to Lupane for an MDC rally which was due to be held at Lupane shopping centre on 12 May 2004.
13 May, Matebeleland North (Lupane): Morgan Komichi and 18 others released on bail. The 18 others who were arrested with Komichi were: Sibangilizwe Nyoni, Shephard Moyo, Sindiso Ndlovu, Elton Sibanda, Bekhimpilo Nyathi, Sibungu Moyo, Caspin Godhlo, Vicent Nyathi, Cosmas Sebele, Mehluli Mhlanga,Mfakazi Ngwenya,Fundani Mpofu,Nkululeko Sibanda, Maphuma Ncube, Mgwa Masuku, Themba Moyo,Patrick Moyo,Future Tshuma
15 May, Lupane: The Lupane by-election started at 07.00 hours. At Kusile district council polling station a group of ZANU PF supporters wrote down the names of people who arrived to cast their ballots. At the same polling station the presiding officer denied the polling agents the right to keep a record of the electorate as they came in to cast their votes. He argued that the recordings should be done at the end of the day. Still at the same polling station a police officer is conducted the voter checking process using indelible ink which is a breach of the electoral act.
13 May, Lupane: Two MDC activists, Demadema Ntini Ncube and Look Sibanda, were abducted by a group of ZANU F supporters at Siphuzile polling station and were taken to Morgan Mtunzi the area headman. The headman in turn handed the two over to war vets and ZANU PF supporters who were camped at Matambo School. The two were severely tortured the whole night and were only released on the Friday evening. Upon their release they approached the MDC chairman for the area, Rodger Mhlope, who took them to the police so that they could get police reports to enable them get treatment. At the police station, the victims were instead arrested on allegations that ZANU PF had made a report saying that the two had been involved in acts of violence against their supporters.
15 May, Lupane: At a polling station situated at the offices of Ekusile Rural District Council, village heads affiliated to Zanu PF sold maize at heavily discounted prices to people as they arrived to cast their votes.
At Manasa mobile 9, 3 village heads, Luckson Msipa, Gift Ncube and Ncube were writing down the names of people as they came in to vote.
At Malunku polling station, war veterans camped outside threatening people who came to vote.
16 May, Lupane: In at least 50% of the polling stations, which included Guga Primary School, BH 42 Primary School, Ntuthuko Primary School, Sibombo School, Jibajiba School, Mkombo School and Mzola 27, village heads were seated outside the polling stations compiling the names of people who arrived to vote.
At the polling stations at Mpahlwa and Mathambo schools, war veterans loyal to Zanu PF were camped inside the school premises in total violation of the Electoral Act. Some of them were openly campaigning for Zanu PF and threatening voters within the 100 metre radius of the polling stations.
At Tshongogwani School polling station, seven village heads were only removed from their positions by the police with the assistance of Electoral Supervisory Commission officials following the intervention of MDC parliamentarians Thokozani Khupe, Abedinico Bhebhe and Rensen Gasela. The village heads, who could only be identified by their second names, included Lupane, Mhlanga, Gumbo, Ncube and Ndlovu.
There were also seriously disturbing reports at Mobile 9 at Manasa where 19 people attempted to vote for the second time and were turned away, but were not arrested. Similarly, at Malunku mobile 9, 24 people attempted to vote for the second time after having been transported from other polling stations in Zanu PF vehicles.
16 May, Manicaland (Chipinge): A mob of about 150 ZANU PF supporters were transported in government vehicles to the venue of an MDC rally whereupon they proceeded to brutally attack MDC supporters.
16 May, Harare (Mbare): The MDC MP for Mbare, Tichaona Munyanyi, was arrested in Mbare when he tried to address a rally that had been authorised by the police. At the same time a mob of ZANU PF supporters, led by the notorious gang known as Chipangano, disrupted the MDC rally when they started attacking people who had gathered at the venue. Five more MDC youths, Antony Phiri, Chipinge Maturure, Goodfriday Mandizera, Tendai Zairo and another 17-year-old youth were arrested after a clash with the ZANU PF sponsored Chipangano members in Mbare.
18 May, Harare: Hon Tichaona Munyanyi and five other were released on a bail of $50 000,00 each.
19 May, Manicaland (Mutare): Hundreds of ZANU PF supporters went on the rampage beating people and forcing the closure of all the white-owned shops as they demonstrated against the alleged assault of ZANU PF ministers Patrick Chinamasa and Didymus Mutasa by Roy Bennett. The ZANU PF supporters were addressed by senior members of the party, including Provincial Zanu PF chairman, Mike Madiro.
20 May, Harare: A mob of about 200 ZANU PF supporters singing and chanting anti-opposition songs besieged MDC offices at Harvest House in central Harare for more than 3 hours. They carried banners denouncing the MDC Member of Parliament for Chimanimani Roy Bennett who they said should be expelled from parliament. The same ZANU PF mob had earlier blocked MDC members of parliament from entering the parliament building. The mob ripped off the burglar bars at the front of the Harvest House, damaging the front of the building, as they tried to break into the building. They were however stopped by 20 brave MDC youths who defended the building from inside.
The police, who had escorted the mob from parliament, proceeded to enter the building and arrested 7 MDC youth. They claimed that they had been told by ZANU PF supporters that MDC youth had abducted somebody.
20 May, Mashonaland West (Kariba): More than 50 ZANU PF supporters demonstrated against the Kariba municipality over hikes in rates and they demanded to be addressed by the mayor John Houghton. The mayor was however not able to meet them.
21 May, Manicaland (Chimanimani): A group of ZANU PF supporters attacked and set the MDC offices on fire using petrol bombs. The incident happened at around 20.00 hours. The ZANU PF group was led by Lazarus Shawe, Tendai Chiridza and Chamunorwa Muusha. The offices were extensively damaged. When the residents of Chimanimani tried to put out the fire they were stoned by the same ZANU PF group. The ZANU PF group also tried to burn down the old MDC offices in the same area.
21 May, Manicaland (Chipinge): More than 30 people were displaced from their homes in the Tanganda area of Chipinge, after ZANU PF supporters and youth militia went on the rampage beating up people who were suspected of being MDC supporters.
28 May: Manicaland, (Chimanimani): More than 200 ZANU PF supporters staged violent demonstrations in Chimanimani, severely beating up suspected MDC supporters and also damaging MDC offices. Mrs Birgit Kidd, a Finish citizen, was assaulted after she had been abducted by the ZANU PF mob. She was abducted from her Chimanimani home and taken to the MDC offices that had been destroyed earlier by the ZANU PF supporters and she was forced to clean the offices. She had earlier been forced to march carrying the ZANU PF flag while the ZANU PF mob sang revolutionary songs. This was not withstanding the fact that she had sought the help of the police whose offices are less than 100 meters away from her house.
David Munengu, the MDC councillor for ward 15, who is also the MDC District chairperson for Chimanimani, was another victim of ZANU PF thuggery and brutality. He was collected from his home at around 1400 hours by ZANU PF supporters led by Lazarus Maposa, who was carrying a plough chain. David was force-marched to the MDC offices where he and Mrs Kidd were kept as hostages for more than three hours and were subjected to endless interrogations. David was severely assaulted and was only rescued when some ZANU PF senior officials namely Shadreck Beta, Tinacho Mtezo directed that he be freed because he had endured enough punishment. All the incidents took place in the presence of the police who did not do anything to stop the ZANU PF hooligans from attacking people and destroying property.
28 May, Midlands (Gweru): More than 300 ZANU PF supporters were ferried from resettlement areas out side Gweru to demonstrate against MDC MP Roy Bennett. They went on the rampage and destroyed war veterans' offices after they had failed to get the food they had been promised by senior ZANU PF officials.
1 June, Harare: Zimbabwe police manhandled Christopher Mushonga the newly elected deputy mayor and dragged him out of the mayor's office. They beat up several councillors and forced them to flee for their lives before arresting Linus Mushonga, one of the councillors.
2 June, Harare: 13 MDC councillors in Harare were suspended by Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo on allegations of defying his order not to proceed and choose a new deputy mayor. The 13 councillors were Christopher Tapfumanei Mushonga, Peter Chikwati, Tapfumaneyi Bangajena, Shingirayi Kondo, Last Maengahama, Betty Suka, Peter Karimakwenda, Wendy Dehwa, Elijah Manjeya, Tichanzii Gandanga, Wellington Madzivanyika, Linus Paul Mushonga and Oswell Badza.
2 June, Manicaland (Chipinge): More than 30 people were displaced in the Chipinge North Constituency as a result of ZANU PF violence directed at suspected MDC members.
2 June, Mashonaland West (Chegutu): The Executive Mayor of Chegutu, Francis Dhlakama, was suspended by the Minister of Local Government and Public Works and National Housing, Ignatiuos Chombo. Chombo appointed a committee headed by a new town clerk to run the affairs of Chegutu town.
3 June, Mashonaland West (Norton): Two MDC councillors for Norton town were blocked from entering the council chamber for their council business by a group of about 100 ZANU PF supporters who were singing and chanting ZANU PF slogans. The two councillors, Voice Chinake of ward 9 and Sipho C Gumede of ward 8 tried to seek help from the police but to no avail. Despite phoning the police on more than three occasions seeking protection, the police did not come.
10 June, Mashonaland (West Norton): Two MDC councillors were again blocked from attending council business by a mob of ZANU PF supporters in Norton. The two Councillors, Voice Chinake and Sipho Gumede, sought protection from the police but the police refused to help.
11 June, Harare (Mabvuku): A handful of MDC supporters were arrested in Mabvuku at a house belonging to Sunny Savieri, the MDC chairperson for ward 21. The MDC had just concluded their meeting when the police arrived and started firing in the air in an effort to arrest the MDC supporters who were already running in all directions. Some of those arrested are Mrs Judith Gatsi, Loveness Makwetsi, Reginald Gatsi.
14 June, Manicaland (Chimanimani): Mrs Birgit Kidd a Finish citizen, her husband Shame Kidd and a number of MDC supporters were brutally assaulted by a gang of ZANU PF supporters using sticks, pick handles, axes and iron bars to harm them.
The Kidds and MDC supporters were at the MDC offices when they were confronted by this which is suspected to have been composed of soldiers in civilian uniforms and who started attacking the MDC supporters. Mrs Kidd and her husband were severely assaulted and had to be rushed to Chipinge hospital where they were admitted.
The police at Chimanimani refused to assist saying that their hands were tied and as such could not help. No one was arrested over the matter.
2 July, Mashonaland Central (Mvurwi): President Morgan Tsvangirai survived an attempted attack by Zanu PF youth militia. The MDC President had just finished addressing a rally when the youths tried to attack him. The Zanu PF youth had been driven to the rally in government sponsored trucks and were armed with knobkerries, axes, sticks and stones.
Several people were injured as they tried to escape the attackers. Some MDC youths who were present bravely managed to push the ZANU PF sponsored militias out of the area and enabled the President to escape unscathed.
15 July, Harare: MDC MP for Glen Noah, Priscilla Misihairambi- Mushonga, was arrested and detained at Harare Central police station for more than ten hours before being released. She was charged with allegedly threatening someone with a gun.
24 July, Harare: Bennie Tumbare Mutasa the MDC MP for Seke Rural died in the early hours at St Anne's Hospital in Harare.
Mutasa died of suspected internal injuries caused by brutal beatings and torture at the hands of the police during the time he was arrested.
The late Mutasa was arrested during the run-up to the Kuwadzana by-election after his truck was shot at by members of the Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) and over turned. He was tortured and assaulted by the police and was detained at Harare Central for several days. He was arrested again this year during the Zengeza by-election and was severely assaulted by the police before being detained at Harare Central.
24 July, Mashonaland East (Wedza): A group of about 50 ZANU PF youths abducted Bob Makone, elder brother of Ian Makone, and took him to a base where he was tortured the whole night. The incident happened soon after the Minister of Education and Culture Aeneas Chigwedere had finished addressing a ZANU PF rally at Musawadye School. The ZANU PF youths who abducted Mr Makone came to the Makone Homestead at around 16.00 hours singing anti-MDC songs against Mrs Theresah Makone who is the MDC prospective candidate for Wedza in the 2005 general election. Bob Makone was released the following day after he had been severely assaulted.
31 July, Harare: Police from Harare's law and order section carried out a search for so-called 'weapons of war' at the home of the MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai.
31 July, Mashonaland Central (Musana): Cladious Marimo, the MDC National Executive Member, lost more than $4 million in cash to ZANU PF youths who raided and looted his shop before ordering the workers to close the business. The ZANU PF youth, numbering about 30 and led by Terence Jawaira, Mind Jawaira, Sylivester Munemo and Israel Munemo, first ordered the closure of Marimo's grinding mill and proceeded to also close the general dealer shop and the bottle store. They disclosed that they had been instructed by governor Masawi to ensure that all businesses belonging to MDC members do not operate in the area.
7 August, Manicaland (Chipinge): 14 MDC supporters, including 4 juveniles, were arrested by the police for allegedly attending an illegal meeting. A group of war vets in the area had forced the closure of Musami Primary School and had taken the school keys from the headmaster, Mr Chinheya, who was accused of being sympathetic to the MDC.
Those arrested were Mike Zvidzai, Chipatiso Kuyumani, Godorn Shakavanhu, Aaron Mabvuu, Simson Mutsagu, Kefas Nyore, Six Simoyi, Pedzanai Marwei, Lovemore Sithole and the four juveniles.
7 August, Midlands (Zhombe): More than 80 ZANU PF youths tried to disrupt an MDC Constituency Assembly meeting that was addressed by MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai at Zhombe growth point. The ZANU PF youths were armed with sticks, machetes and iron bars.
The police however did not arrest them, neither did they attempt to disarm the youth. Later, after the departure of the MDC leadership, an MDC youth, Maqebo Ndebele, was brutally assaulted by Zanu PF youth and needed seven stitches for a head wound.
12 August, Manicaland (Makoni East): Bothwell Kawadza, the MDC district chairperson, and his entire executive, were chased out of Makoni constituency by ZANU PF supporters, headed by Nathaniel Mhiripiri. They were supported by government agents on the orders of Dydmus Mutasa the ZANU PF MP for Makoni North.
12 August, Harare, (Epworth): 7 MDC youths were arrested in Epworth and were detained at Harare Central. The youths were distributing material in preparation for a rally which was due to be held at Solani in Epworth. The MDC youths were attacked by a group of ZANU PF supporters who were carrying sticks stone and machetes and when the MDC youths resisted, they were apprehended by the police and were also accused of distributing MDC material.
20 August, Mashonaland East (Wedza): Tendai Ngwarati, an MDC youth in Wedza, was abducted by a group of ZANU PF supporters. He was released after 24 hours after being brutally assaulted.
22 August, Mashonaland West (Kariba): Michael Siupayi, the District Organising Secretary for Kariba, was abducted by suspected government agents at around 18.00 hours at his home in Kariba.
28 August, Mashonaland Central (Musana): A group of ZANU PF supporters raided the home of the Mangurenje's and brutally assaulted the twin Mangurenje brothers Paul and Peter. The two were accused of being MDC members and they were severely assaulted with sticks, iron bars and stones. Paul sustained head injuries.
1 September: Members of the Zanu PF youth militia attack the home of MDC Secretary for Local Government, Joubert Mudzumwe. His two sons, Silent (17) and Maxwell (16) were brutally attacked. The police made no arrests.
6 September, Bulawayo: About 30 armed police officers raided the MDC Bulawayo Provincial offices and carried out searches for what they alleged to be subversive material. Although they were engaged in the searches for more than two hours, they did not find anything.
After the searches at the Provincial Offices, they proceeded to the Regional Offices where they found the offices locked because the MDC officials had knocked off for the day. They left behind three officers to guard the offices so that they could carry out searches the following day. They indeed carried out the searches but again they did not find anything.
7 September, Harare: NCA National Chairman Dr Lovemore Madhuku was picked by police from his home at around 02.00 hours and he spent the whole day at Central police station where he was being questioned. He was later released at around 17.00 hours.
8 September, Harare: Member of Parliament for Kuwadzana Nelson Chamisa was arrested together with 13 other people at his home in Kuwadzana. Those arrested were Nelson Chamisa, John Jairos, Obey Kufa,Taluka Ncube, Lilian Dandajena, Innocent Mararapwa, Luisa Kadzere, Mallen Sakupwanya, Edmore Dandajena, Bernard Chimombe, Llyd Madovi, Godwin Machihwa, Mandy Musaruriwa, and Majuth.
Chamisa was arrested under POSA for allegedly addressing a gathering without police permission. The 14 were detained at Warren Park police station while others were detained at Marimba police station. Among the 14 arrested was a woman with a baby.
12 September, Harare: Jabusile Shumba (23), MDC activist and Vice-President of the Zimbabwe National Students Union and Brighton Makunike (23), Chairman of the MDC University of Zimbabwe Branch were abducted and assaulted by Zanu PF militia before they were handed over to police who detained and assaulted them at Kuwadzana II police station on Saturday.
The two had visited friends in Kuwadzana after attending the MDC 5th Anniversary rally in Highfield on Saturday. While at Kuwadzana 5 bus terminus at about 8.00 pm, Makunike dropped an MDC bandana as he tried to take money from his pocket. This attracted the attention of the Zanu PF militia who were milling around the township, they approached the two and asked for a private discussion with Makunike.
The Zanu PF militia interrogated Makunike and searched him. They found more bandanas in his pockets and started assaulting him. Some of the militia went to Shumba whom they searched and found a camera and some MDC bandanas. They accused him of taking photographs of the Zanu PF torture base situated at the first floor of a building at Kuwadzana shopping centre as evidence that Zanu PF is not abiding by the SADC protocol on elections. They force-marched the two to a dark spot where they handcuffed them and assaulted them using clinched fists, booted feet, empty bottles, iron bars. They also pulled their private parts. They were tortured for almost eight hours.
At about 3.00 am on Sunday, the two were taken to the Kuwadzana bus terminus, when the police arrived; they took them to Kuwadzana Police Station. Zanu militia handed the bandanas confiscated from the two MDC activists to the police officers.
In the cells at Kuwadzana II Police Station, Shumba and Makunike were assaulted by the police officers, among them Sergeant Phiri, who was angered by the fact that the two were MDC supporters. The police poured cold water into their cell so that Shumba and Makunike could not sleep.
The two were only released at about 11.00 pm on Sunday after a sympathizer loaned them some money to pay an admission of guilty fine.
12 September, Chitungwiza: John Machingura an MDC activist was abducted from his home by suspected members of the youth militia who posed as police officers. They got to his home at around 20.00 hours and alleged that he had committed a crime together with some one they brought with them who was in hand cuffs and who incidentally was one of them. They dragged him out of his home and took him to some bush where they severely assaulted him accusing him of having been distributing MDC material in the area. He received bruises all over his body and could hardly walk. He was taken the hospital the following Day.
15 September, Hwedza: Theresa Makone, aspiring MDC candidate for Hwedza, was arrested and charged for allegedly damaging a government truck at a recent MDC meeting. The charges were eventually dropped.
19 September, Mashonaland East (Domboshawa): Headman Elia Murape of Domboshawa who had been stripped his headmanship by ZANU PF on allegations that he had attended an MDC rally held at Mverechena on 24 July 2004 and had subsequently had his traditional headman's badge taken away was threatened by a group of ZANU PF supporters who tried to carry out demonstrations at his home. They had earlier on written a letter to him threatening to demonstrate at his home. He identified Patrick Rwafa, Webster Bruno, Alifonzi and Robson Kizito Murwira as some the ZANU PF supporters who came to his home to collect his headman's traditional badge.
24 September, Mashonaland Central (Mvurwi): An MDC meeting that nwas scheduled to take place in Mvuwi was disrupted by a group of ZANU PF supporters who invaded the venue of the meeting.
25 September, Mashonland Central (Bindura): A mob of about 200 ZANU PF youths disrupted a police cleared MDC meeting that was scheduled to take place at Mupandira shopping Centre in the Bindura Constituency. The ZANU PF youths invaded the venue for the MDC meeting. The police were confronted by the MDC National Executive member for Mashonaland Central Edwin Dzambara asked a constable Chirarara to explain how the MDC was expected to hold their meeting under such circumstances but he responded by suggesting that the MDC could contunue with their meeting side by side with ZANU PF. A few minutes later the ZANU PF youths started throwing stones at the MDC members and chased them out of the area.
25 September: Police moved door to door during the night and arrested 27 MDC members including the candidate for Kadoma West, Trainer Ruzvidzo. The members were arrested on allegations that they had held an illegal meeting in the constituency.
25 September: 17 MDC supporters were arrested by police from their respective homes during the night. Eight of them, Emmanuel Mudhaniso, Tongai Gapara, Peter Sithole, Peter Mabhuya, Lameck Gatura, Denson Chamazonda, Melford Sithole, and Morgan Gwature were all detained at Enock Porusingazi's offices at Checheche business centre. Enock Porusingazi is the ZANU PF provincial youth chair for the area. They were severely assaulted by ZANU PF supporters who, included Catherine Chirimambowa, Morris Mukwe, and a person identified only as 'Mapfumo'. Dennis Matsheza, one of the MDC supporters, received an axe wound to his right leg.
Those detained at Chisumbanje police station included Dennis Matsheza, James N Simango, Zekius Sithole, Zondai Sithole, Issac Mazungu, Jelous Matsheza, Forget Mashenga Spencer Mlambo, and Powerman Mukwakwami. The eight were fined $25 000,00 each by the police whilst those who were detained at Porusingazi appeared in court and were released on a bail of $30 000,00 each.
26 September, Mashonaland Central (Guruve South): A group of about 100 ZANU PF supporters invaded the venue for an MDC meetings that was scheduled to start at around 10.00 hours at Nyanyavi Business Centre. MDC supporters were chased away and some of them were attacked with stones and sticks.
28 September, Mashonaland Central: Five MDC supporters were chased out of Bindura by ZANU PF youth militia after they were found near the venue where MDC were to have their meeting on Sartuday. The four Laston Maposa,Smile Matota, Leonard Boroma, Collen Mangoshi and Byson Byson were on their way to an MDC meeting when they were intercepted by a group of ZANU PF militia who accused them of supporting the MDC and assaulted them before ordering them to leave Bindura. They have fled to Harare where they have sought asylum.
29 September: Willard Somerai, National Execuitve member for the Youth, was severely assaulted by two police officer (Chiremba and Magwaza) at Sanyati police station. He was bleeding through the mouth as the police continued to beat him. He was released on 14 October 2004 on bail.
1 October: Several MDC supporters were attacked by Zanu PF youth in Chipinge when they refused to attend a Zanu PF 'restructuring meeting'. Two of the victims, Nyeredzi Simango and Denis Macheka, were hospitalized in Chiredzi after the attack.
7 October: Five MDC members, including the Provincial Treasurer for Mashonaland West Godrey Gumbo, (who is also the prospective candidate for Hurungwe West) were abducted by a group of about 15 ZANU PF sponsored war vets (led by an ex Hurungwe council employee only known as Chitiyo) at Zvipani shopping centre in Hurungwe West. The five were bundled into a blue Toyota Hilux, registration number 556-480, and were severely assaulted with sticks. They were rescued by an armed police officer who forced the ZANU PF group to drop the five out of the truck. A docket was opened by the police but no arrests have been made yet.
8 October: Police dispersed 400 MDC District officials who had assembled at Padare Business Centre in Zaka East on the grounds that the meeting had not been authorised under (POSA).
9 October: An MDC meeting scheduled for Cawdry Park was cancelled by the police on the grounds that the venue was not suitable for a meeting.
12 October: MDC held their meeting in Zaka East Constituency but before the meeting started, 15 MDC activists were arrested and according to the reasons given by the police, it was to protect them from ZANU PF youths who were also having their own meeting at a nearby venue discussing the distribution of seed, fertilizer and food organised by Tinos Rusere the MP for Zaka East. The ZANU PF meeting was not sanctioned by the police.
13 October: Five MDC officials, Tapson Ndou, Enos Chili, Nomathanqa Tshuma, Ronald Ndlovu and Winnie Mtasa, were arrested and detained for holding meetings with supporters without police clearance.
13 October: Two MDC youths, Vusa Butani and Garikai Gomba, who were putting up posters in relation to the treason trial verdict of MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai, were arrested and brutally assaulted by both the police and members of the notorious ZANU PF youth militia before being detained at Harare Central police station. They were released the next day after paying a fine of $25 000,00 each.
Harare after he was abducted and severely beaten and was left for dead by the police and suspected state agents on his way into town from the ZINASU offices.
14 October: Police refused to grant MDC permission to hold demonstrations in Harare before and after the judgment on the MDC President's treason case.
14 October: A youth in Bulawayo, who was wearing an MDC t- shirt, was made to pay a $ 25 000,00 fine by the police.
15 October: Several MDC supporters were beaten and arrested by the police who tried to block them from celebrating the acquittal of the MDC President.
28 October: Zanu PF uses its parliamentary majority to secure parliament's adoption of a recommendation by a parliamentary committee of enquiry that MDC MP Roy Bennett be sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, plus hard labour, for pushing Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa.
13 November: Zanu PF thugs descended on a flea market in Harare to stop the sale of Thomas Mapfumo's 'Chaputika' album. A number of people were assaulted and accused of being MDC supporters.
14 November: In the high density Harare suburb of Glen View, the constituency of MDC MP Priscilla Misihairambi- Mushonga, Zanu PF supporters attempted to force MDC supporters to attend a Zanu PF rally.
16 November: an MDC activist was charged under the notorious Public Order and Security Act for accusing Mugabe of being a 'dictator who rules by the sword'. The individual in question was sentenced to 140 hours of community service.
30 November: Four MDC supporters were seriously injured after an attack by a group of ZANU PF sponsored war vets in Mutare West Constituency. Those injured were Abel Mukamba, Tendai Jakachira, Spenser Gwizo and Walter Marange.
1 December: 15 year old school boy, Coneck Ruzvidzo, a brother of the MDC candidate for Kadoma West, Traner Ruzvidzo, was abducted by four ZANU PF supporters on the orders of a ZANU PF official in the area . He was severely assaulted before being dumped in the bush.
3 December: An MDC rally that had been authorised by the police and was due to be held at Sitezi Business centre in Gwanda North Constituency was cancelled on short notice by police on the spurious grounds of a shortage of manpower due to the Zanu PF Congress. .
6 December: Suspected ZANU PF officials in the Kadoma West Constituency dropped two letters at the home of the Ruzvidzo family, threatening to kill their son, 15 year old Coneck if his brother Traner does not resign from the MDC. Traner is the MDC candidate for Kadoma West.