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Wednesday, August 22, 2007



Zimbabwe problems exaggerated

Mon, 20 Aug 2007 00:05:00

The SADC Chairman, Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa, summed up the position of the regional grouping's political leadership on Zimbabwe at last week's summit by saying: "We also feel that the problems in Zimbabwe have been exaggerated. We feel they will solve their economic problems."

The summit provided a unique forum for leaders of SADC and their social partners to explore some of the most pressing issues of the day and Zimbabwe was one such issue.  The position taken at the summit on Zimbabwe is reflection of a widely held view that the root cause of the political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe is the unresolved colonially generated asset ownership structure. 
It is evident that there is consensus among many African leaders that issues related to economic democracy in the continent necessarily attracts a negative response from the former colonial masters and their alleged puppets. 
To this end, if one accepts that the root cause of the Zimbabwean crisis is the position taken by Mugabe to democratise land ownership, then the Zimbabwean crisis with attendant targeted sanctions is seen as a necessary price to pay for the complete emancipation of the country.
Mugabe's views are shared by many in Africa and the developing world for different reasons.  They argue that anyone who takes a fight against Anglo American hegemony can never be wrong and, if anything, he deserves support. 
People, who believe in pan-Africanism, see in Mugabe the fighting spirit that is missing in many post-colonial states that still face the challenge of eradicating the enduring economic legacies of colonialism. 
The standing ovation Mugabe received in Lusaka is no different from the treatment he has enjoyed at many conferences.  In fact, the only thing that seems to unite Mwanawasa and his political nemesis, Michael Sata, is their common and shared position on the origins of the Zimbabwean crisis.
The success of the Lusaka summit in the eyes of Harare demonstrates that the message from Zimbabwe's opposition has failed to resonate with Africa's critical players. 
This raises the following questions: "Is the Zimbabwean opposition misinformed or misdirected?  To the extent that the opposition believes that Mugabe is the problem, why is it that they seem to fail to communicate this?  If Zimbabwe faces a leadership crisis, does SADC have any locus to intervene let alone pronounce an opinion?
If there is a common theme that characterises the Zimbabwean crisis, it is leadership: what constitutes good leadership, how (and, indeed, whether) the lack of it is responsible for the Zimbabwean crisis, what criteria should be applied when assessing it in the context of a post-colonial state. 
What should be the role of the opposition and how should citizens weigh the various indicators – from maximising national wealth (poverty eradication) to brand-building and longer term considerations such as nation building?
And given the emergence of China, India, UAE and other nations as global players and the pace of globalisation, can one expect to apply one set of criteria to what makes for good leadership in very different cultural contexts? 
Anglo-Saxon models have dominated the theory and practice of leadership for so long that it may be difficult to accept that other models may be relevant and appropriate.
When there remains immense differences of perceived leadership qualities between Africans and Anglo Americans, how much do we as Africans have to start investing in understanding this important variable in nation building?  Does Africa need democracy to progress?  If so, what kind of leadership should it have?  What interests ought to inform it?
It is more than 27 years since Zimbabwe became an independent and sovereign state.  It is salutary, looking back, to remember the illusions which were commonplace at the time. 
Some Zimbabweans believed that independence accompanied by eloquent speeches about how Europe underdeveloped Africa would quickly solve the country's problems. 
In the West, the grant of an Anglo Saxon type of constitution was considered as a necessary and sufficient condition by itself to institutionalise a functioning constitutional democracy underpinned by a scrupulous respect of the Rule of Law, human rights, accountability and transparency. 
The euphoria that characterised the independence atmosphere in Zimbabwe was well founded in Mugabe's reconciliatory speeches and approach to nation building. 
Many were convinced that a new dawn had visited Zimbabwe and the country had the leadership it deserved to rid itself of the negative vestiges of colonialism.  That was then and now the illusions have largely evaporated. 
Zimbabwe under Mugabe has lived through some challenges from the construction of a post-colonial dispensation in which all citizens were allowed to assert their sovereign right to makes laws and regulate their lives as they wish to the well acknowledged investment in the social and physical infrastructure of the country using a small tax base inherited from the colonial state. 
Regrettably the post colonial state did not address issues related to the democratisation of the economy resulting in the current state of affairs where the population has grown accompanied by a decaying national economy.
The financing of the post-colonial state investments was largely done from borrowed sources and not from taxes.  Any rational leader would have known that the relationship between the state, the protector of collective interests and the market, the protector of individual interests, is critical for economic growth.  In assessing whether Mugabe has been a good leader for Zimbabwe, one has to look at how his administration has balanced the interests of the market with that of the state. 
The failure of the post-colonial economic model was already evident in the late 1980s to the extent that the IMF, ordinarily a fire brigade, was invited by none other than Mugabe to intervene with balance of payments support. 
The Economic Structural Adjustment Program (ESAP) or euphemistically referred to as The Extended Suffering of African People was adopted and implemented not by the opposition but by a ZANU-PF government.  The program was abandoned by the government of Zimbabwe because the hard policy choices that needed to be made could not find leaders with the courage to make them. 
While the SADC leaders have accepted that targeted economic sanctions have a causal link with the Zimbabwean crisis, they surely must be aware that the economic objectives of growth for any nation must be harmonised with the objectives associated with the political order. 
The designing of growth strategies must necessarily include the promotion of factors that support the democratisation of society, the defence of sovereignty and the self determination of citizens. 
What is evident is that no growth strategy will succeed if it is underpinned by an ideology that is premised on the state as the referee and player. 
Yes, SADC may have endorsed the Zimbabwean rescue plan like the multilateral institutions have done in the past but the success of such plans have to deal with the leadership question without any equivocation. 
Anyone who thinks seriously about Africa and indeed Zimbabwe's future will value a conversation on the leadership question.  Can Mugabe reinvent himself and make the choices that he has failed to make over the last 27 years?  Is Mugabe's world view on issues of governance, rule of law, and leadership consistent with a view that is required for a progressive nation? 
Some have argued that when the Emperor is naked it is difficult for friends and foes to inform him.  Could any rational person have expected SADC leaders to tell Mugabe where the root cause of the Zimbabwean crisis is?  Does SADC have such a mandate anyway? 
What is evident to many and I am sure to Africa's leaders is that the course of nation building in Zimbabwe has encountered serious set backs.  Zimbabweans' hope for a free democratic existence as the background for stable national development has been dashed. 
Over and over as in many numerous other African states, civilian and military dictatorships accompanied by rampant abuse of human rights and the undermining of the Rule of Law leading to political chaos, have ushered in the darkest period in Zimbabwe's history.  Huge treasuries of material resources and opportunities for development have been dissipated.  And more worrying is that the current leadership does not seem to have what it takes to motivate citizens to recover sufficient strength to resume the fight to build a future for themselves (rather than worrying about daily existence) and their families. 
Morale is at its lowest in Zimbabwe for justifiable reasons.  A rescue package from SADC will not rescue the injury to the psyche of citizens who legitimately had a right to expect better from their leaders.  Will Mugabe's re-election next year change the climate of hopelessness that is evident in Zimbabwe?  Even if sanctions were lifted today, how would that address the leadership credibility issue? 
The 2008 elections have been dubbed the economic emancipation elections.  President Mugabe is convinced that a fresh mandate will allow him to use the state to empower the majority economically.  While this may be exciting news to the naïve, how is this going to be done against a background of a bankrupt state and economically vulnerable citizens?  Even if all the economic assets were transferred to the state/selected individuals, would that promote growth and prosperity?
Someone said a long time ago you cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.  No government in the world has managed to come up with an instrument where the fear of being arrested induced favourable supply response. 
While the government of Zimbabwe may believe that arresting businesspersons will arrest inflation and restore economic order, I am not sure whether SADC leaders (who incidentally are not pursuing such policies in their own countries) seriously believe that Zimbabwe is a candidate for economic surgery. 
When Margaret Thatcher became big headed and a stumbling block to progress, the Conservative Party managed to remove her.  Equally, Tony Blair got the same medicine.  In Zimbabwe it appears that some people believe that only one man can solve the colonial injury however defined and that person has no obligation to explain how he will be able to implement the new ideas of empowerment when he has failed to do the same for agriculture. 
I believe that Mwanawasa may be cynically encouraging Mugabe to hang in there so that he can benefit from the contribution of Zimbabwean settler farmers.  If Mugabe goes, I have no doubt what is in Mwanawasa's mind about the sustainability of the agrarian revolution that is underpinned by Zimbabwean skills in his country.  Would the farmers elect to remain in Zambia or return to Zimbabwe?
Leadership plays a central role in managing perceptions.  Today Zimbabwe is less confident that it was 27 years ago.  It is now a confident member of the class of nations that can be classified as failed states.  The frightening economic indicators have escaped the attention of the SADC leaders. 
Apart from the expected anti-imperialist rhetoric, the current political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe is testament to wrong, irresponsible and backward looking policies and weak core values of democracy, freedom and the Rule of Law. 
Many democratic nations would find it difficult to trust a leader that has been at the helm of a crumbling state to continue experimenting with the nation building project.
While the world waits for signals that Zimbabweans will take ownership of their problems, the tragedy is that Zimbabweans expect change to come from without.  The message from the SADC summit is that only Zimbabwean leaders can lead and shape Zimbabwe. 
A committed and accountable leadership that is forward looking can find the world and indeed SADC a reliable partner in delivering a better future for Zimbabwe and its people. 
The world is anxiously waiting for Zimbabweans in general to have an opportunity to genuinely express their choice about who should govern them notwithstanding the privatisation of the state and implications thereof on freedom of choice.  The illusions of independence have been sufficiently exposed to allow Zimbabwean citizens to use the ballot as the instrument for change. 
In the final analysis the responsibility must lie with those who have dedicated their lives to the change agenda to demonstrate that bad leadership has a lot to do with the Zimbabwean crisis. 
Zimbabwe needs a smart system and not necessarily a smart leader.  History has shown that the risk of intelligent leaders taking their principals i.e. sovereign citizens for granted is higher if citizens fail to invest materially and otherwise in the change they want to see. 
Many who are critical of the opposition in Zimbabwe and its lack of leadership depth are the same people who are not willing to make a sacrifice to make Zimbabwe the country that it deserves to be. 
It is important to point out that while President Mwanawasa believes that the problems of Zimbabwe are exaggerated, President Mugabe has accepted that the titanic has sunk and it needs a rescue plan. 
Even the captain of the titanic has recognized that the status quo ante is no longer acceptable save for the fact that he wants to remain at the helm without a destination in mind. 
For any new captain to be credible he must demonstrate that he knows where compass is and at least it will not take another 27 years to discover that Zimbabwe was going nowhere slowly.  Finally they say that if you do not know where you are going any road takes you there.        

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Takuda ways of how to take zim out of its crisis
Varume vanyore timavo muzimbabwe but what we are lacking as a nation is people who can give us the direction on how to steer zim from its crisis. I call upon opposition to have unity of purpose and lets all dig deep to resolve our crisis. Those who were hoping on Sadc or Mbeki to help its clear that NO useful help will come from there. Hatibatanei every zimbo who wants a better future lets put aside all our differences and come up with ways to stop this excessive bleeding of our economy. Mawere in your next article give us suggestions on what we should do because everyone knows nyika yarohwa netsunami so we need all writers to put us on the right track to start discussing ways out of this fix.
Posted By akl , : Aug 20 2007 01:04 AM
We need new age freedom fighters
Guys what we need is new age freedom fighters. Mugabe and his gang when they were under supression they went to war. I call upon all zimbos to start strong movements to topple this ruthless and cruel regime. People in the diaspora now its our timw to regang and lets chat the way forward. Its clear that opposition in zim have no capacity because the ruthless secret agency are disabling their movements. Those in SA, UK, USA lets form movement gangs and seriously think what we should do next. At this rate i can bet you that Zanu is rigging next year's elections and they are not going out of office. Musha urikutsva time yekuswera tukana pano pamaforumn with no real substance being discussed is long gone. We need to meet outside these online forumns because we can not discuss any detail because we will just let the secret agents aware. Dont we have people who work in those governments offices who are MDC or opposition. We need to start talking with them to make the process to be transparent and make things work for the opposition's favour. Come on MT and AGO pull some strings on those government officials to make sure you get the best chance to topple Mugabe. Lets not just wait for Zanu to penetrate in opposition be on the offensive and start building relationships with election officials. You know most of these people who work right on the ground are suffering too and they want chnge as well so MDC's star to get those to work for you. Ndapedza
Posted By uae , : Aug 20 2007 01:17 AM
we have new age fighters
M mawere is one of these.I want him now to translate what he says into a movement. the man talks sense
Posted By mike pashata , oz : Aug 20 2007 03:44 AM
Shut up
Mutumwa just shut up and you who is talking about forming movement in uk,USA and SA you need to go back home stop kuwawata kwauri kuita the are lots of movements in zimbabwe
Posted By , : Aug 20 2007 03:54 AM
Mawere wabaya dede nemukanwa
Mawere pointedly identified our Zim problem.Armchair critics who attack MDC and yet expect ZANU to gift us our freedom.Do not expect SADC to fight for us.They do not have the mandate to critisise Mugabe.We Zimbos must take the next and only viable option :that is take up arms and fifgt Mugabe
Posted By Mbozha , Calgary,Canada : Aug 20 2007 03:55 AM
Yes tonobvumirana newe though uchiti Mutambara is out of the issue nokuti akadzidza but l think you are repeating what Mutambara had been saying kubva paaka pinda mupolitics achiti iye Mbeki is bonus to our crisis the solution iri matiri ma zimbos.I respect your opinion of smart leaders can you tell us how smart are those vasina kudzidza vacho nokuti kuzoitika kwatika problem iri ku oposition kune vamwe vaiti so and so they are not smart saka if you no some one who is smart tell us and we will rally behind smart people.I remember sometime ago FORMER UK PM JOHN MAJOR vakamboti kudzidza hakuna basa chatinoda kukurumidza kufunga chete asi hazvina kuvatorera kunga kuti vabviswe.Iwewe you are able to do that analysis nokuti wakadzidza so l dont belieave kuti kudzidza hakuna basa . A nd l think that is the reason why opposition yedu ichitora nguva kubvisa mugabe when he is commiting political suicide everyday and gettting away with it.
Posted By fio , fio zim : Aug 20 2007 05:46 AM
Mawere and all writers
For the sake of the many misinformed people out there,in one of your articles may you draw a graph with time(years) on the x-axis and inflation on the y-axis.Highlight on that graph the introduction of ESAP,DRC war,war vets $50 000 rewards,land reform,targeted sanctions,POSA/AIPPA,Gideon Gono etc.That will go a long way in educating people how Mugabe has failed
Posted By BetterZim , : Aug 20 2007 06:18 AM
mawere cannot go back to zimbabwe
mawere cannot go back to zimbabwe - he carries a south african passport & so cannot live in zimbabwe - he would have to complete a tax return if he went back to zimbabwe & pay some tax which he appears reluctant to do - or talk about and finally gideon (triple zero tea man)gono would like to talk to him about a few alleged exchange control matters - like not remitting export proceeds back to him (gideon ) in time !! ??
Posted By tommy taxman , harare zimbabwe : Aug 20 2007 06:41 AM
Posted By NESHITO NESHITO , HARARE ZIMBABWE : Aug 20 2007 07:23 AM
zimbabwe's problems and sadc
honest if anyone has been to zambia what do you expect them to think of zimbabwe?zambia with decades of independence before zimbabwe has refused to develop beyond what kaunda inherited.apa ndiri kutaura development capital development kwete zvokunzi panga pana buyatinapangana stores pava nashoprite.there is nothing happening in zambia and their literacy rate is 83% compared to zimbabwe's 91%.other economic indicators besides inflation are just as comparable. the same applies tunyika twaakaita sana malawi mocambique and the namibias.they have practically an illiterate citizenry copared to zim.schools in most of those countries are more miles away from the pupils than zimbabwe.zambia still has just the university of zambia and the university of copperbelt.compare that with zimbabwe's unis.the zambian infrastructure is so run down you would aptly call it the zambian ruins. south africa the giant of southern africa has an infrastracture deficience itself.some of the houses people live in are nothing compared to zim.true me and you as zimbabweans certainly understand the extent of our suffering.this is because we have never experienced any worse.our neighbours on the other hand have always known deep rooted suffering.while i would wish to work in botswana or south africa and earn their strong currences and advance myself maybe, but on the other hand i am not surprised by their view that zimbabwe is ok.in malawi some towns water is available from an individual supplier with his own borehole for a fee.whats that?this century a nation is failing to put water into its people's taps.talking of rights is another area these rogue africans would rather they dont say a thing.in this era batswana still believe in whipping criminals at a kangaroo court.many other countries like namibia south africa mocambique tanzania congo angola swaziland have unimagineable rights abuses.the girl child issues in swaziland are a can of worms .the township justice of south africa is shamefully evil.the criminal delivery system of tanzania and namibia is grossly non compliant with human rights laws.angola and drc can as well have no legal system.mocambique abuses prisoners.saka vangati chii chaizvo kana vakatarisa zimbabwe.its like being asked to accuse the face you see evrytime you look into the mirror.
Posted By jongwe remhashu , masvingo : Aug 20 2007 07:36 AM
In the words of Mahatma Ghandi
In the words of Mahatma Ghandi, "the roots of violence and underdevelopment are a result of wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice and politics without principles"
Posted By Taneta , RSA : Aug 20 2007 08:01 AM
"I believe that Mwanawasa may be cynically encouraging Mugabe to hang in there so that he can benefit from the contribution of Zimbabwean settler farmers". Not only Zambia is benefiting from the Zim crisis. South Africa is the major benefactor of the Zim crisis in terms of human capital, industry
Posted By Ruth , Mutare Zimbabwe : Aug 20 2007 09:09 AM
Mutumwa must stop bleating. He is not a Zimbabwean Citizen. He belongs to South Africa and thus is not privy to the suffering people in Zimbabwe. He has had a good run of complaining and has even sued the Zimbabwean Government in South Africa. I find his contributions a potpourri of confused messages. He is a businessman and should restrict his interests there. I see from his contributions that he is bitter about his lost businesses. He is justified. Leave politics to the politicians MUTUMWA!
Posted By Stargazer , Melbourne, Australia : Aug 20 2007 09:13 AM
ZImbabwe Yaora
Thanks Mawere, but I have a few comments to make. The majority of people in ZANU PF know that their leadership has destroyed the country.They still support it for fear, gain or some other reason. I belong to this party, if one becomes to open,or a catalyst for change, one is eliminated/ left in the cold.For example children for most ZANU PF wigs are not attending university in Zimbabwe beacuse they know that the education system has been destroyed, the same is similar to the health system. Secondly I do not believe the opposition has been too weak as alleged, look this regime beats, detains, kills, arrests innocent people with a different political agenda. It does not want challenge.It is a brutal regime, look what they did to Joshua Nkomo, humiliate him, attempts on his life, this is despite his massive contribution. Where on earth do you hear a President of a country congratulating the police for brutalising the opposition.The life of the opposition is a hard one in Zimbabwe. For example, you Mawere lost your investment due to the lack of rule of law. Some people may say Mawere was connected to ZANU PF, but thats not the question, the issue is that you were robbed of your investment and in the current scenario there is no re-dress.What I fail to understand is that these SADC presidents are they not aware of what is happening on the ground, or they cannot take firm action since their regimes are also repressive. I remember one minister telling me that at times they agree in their circles to stand up in parliament and tell Mugabe to go, but the moment they arrive there fear grips them.The other point is that many of the war veterans who were vocal, reasonable people were sidelined and the mafikeizolo are the ones supporting a sinking regime since they are gaining. Its a matter of maintaining power at whatever cost. The good part is that Mugabe is old and will not rule for another 27 years.He committed a lot of crimes and would prefer to die in power unless something drastic happens. Forget about elections, countries like South Africa will quickly declare them free and fair to legitimise Mugabe"s stay.The opposition must explore other ideas beside elections. The CIO has managed to use money as a carrot to devide the opposition.
Posted By Harawa , Harare Zimbabwe. : Aug 20 2007 09:29 AM
well said harawa
very incisive harawa. what to do now is the problem. declare a jihad and have people collet their 72 virgins in the next world. are we too cowardly for even that
Posted By mike pashata , oz : Aug 20 2007 09:50 AM
Zimbabwe yowe!!
Mawere comes with some good standings about Zim. Jus hoping this chameleon chooses one colour, for the bitch he is, i will fuck him op. Now there are so many who says MT this MT that, why yu lousy maggots not start yo own party? Yunno some, most Zim are stupid outrightly!! Very good commentators yet gat nothing to hsow for yoselves! MT said lets go for final push and yu maggots boiled a cup of tea n wanted to see the outcome on TV. Who da fuck is gonna push Matibili out when yu saying let MT do it!!! By hisself?? Yu outa ya minds!!! Now this knobkerrie-nosed asshole AGO comes and invades MDC nad wana be president!!! Go hang wit robots punk. AGO shuld rejoin MDC not unite, why do we need to unite with a group of wished-activists whose patron Welshemen is a Zanoid himself. In MDC we dont need maggots for they will rot all other apples so if AGO can do it go ahead monkey stick to yo tree!!! MT is the man and will forever salute him. He stood and stands his time, only if he had real backers who will stand by him the dude can do it. Munongowawata hee MT this ko imi murikuiteiko? Unonzwa aha MT asungwa aha aifunga kuti angazvigona!!! Isu takasiyana nazvo!1 hoo makasiyana nazvo saka let Matibili fucks yu op and still bear wit it.MT go ahead we are with you my man No doubt!!!
Posted By Man All , Hre. Zim : Aug 20 2007 09:54 AM
Mawere ditches Mathuthu's New Zimbabwe
Did anyone notice that Mawere's last week piece on leadership was not published on New Zimbabwe or if it was there, it was quickly removed. We all know that Mawere is a regular columnist of New Zimbabwe. What it basically means is that he failed to tow the line of Mathuthu's editorial policy of propping up his favoured Ncube-Coltart faction with a Mutambara newspaper face. What AGO does not see is that it's not only members of his National Council who are defecting, but a massed crowd of grassroots supporters also. Time is running out for this AGO faction to do something before the MArch election. Ticky-tocko, ticky-tocko, time ticking away.................Icho!!!!
Posted By KTM , Mzanzi : Aug 20 2007 11:03 AM
you are easily seduced
Man All vakarasika shamwari ndosaka uchirambira vakatsamira Morgan. Morgiza hapana kwaachatisvitsa shasha. Nyaya yedu inoda kuti titange mutambo mutsva. Vana vevhu get ready for the day is coming. The message shall not be send via Morgan. Jog in the morning , be prepared physically. Isu veZimbabwe Socialists Organisation tinoti zvibatsirei.We stand for mwana vevhu shasha. Come to our side. We dont think pussy footing nevabvakure will bring forth nyika. we welcome all stakeholders as long as they believe in our way of doing things. Pamberi nemwana vevhu!!!
Posted By vekumapako,muzukuru vaDhiriri , birmingham,uk : Aug 20 2007 11:10 AM
Mutumwa Mawere Response
I read with interest the comment that someone made that I cannot go to Zimbabwe. An allegation is then made that because I hold a South African passport I cannot live in Zimbabwe. It is also alleged that if I were to live in Zimbabwe I would have to complete a tax return. I am then accused of not completing a tax return in Zimbabwe or even discuss this matter. The writer then makes the allegation that Gono is looking for me to talk about a few alleged exchange control matters i.e. like not remitting export proceeds back to him in time

The first point relates to the issue of residency and citizenship. It is important to note that not all the people who reside in Zimbabwe are citizens in as much as Zimbabweans in the diaspora do not need to acquire citizenship to reside in the countries they choose to live in. It is, therefore, nonsensical to suggest that a South African cannot live in Zimbabwe. There are many South African nationals that reside in Zimbabwe and there is no requirement that they should change their citizenship.

I also do not believe that South Africans who reside in Zimbabwe are barred from expressing their opinion about the situation in the country. Equally, non-Zimbabweans are entitled to express their opinion about the situation in Zimbabwe. There are many non-Zimbabweans who have interests in the country and, therefore, are entitled to express their opinion about the situation. Zimbabwe is a member of the UN, AU and other bodies making it part of the global family. Once a country has accepted to be a member of the global family, it behooves on it to subject itself to international standards. Bush and Brown are not Zimbabwean and yet they have a view on what should happen in the country in as much as SADC has a view on Zimbabwe. In this respect, I do not see in what context, I should be excluded from expressing my opinion. I have substantial interests in the country and believe in the country's potential that is being wasted through misguided policies and programs. This conversation should go beyond the narrow confines of citizenship as the developments in Zimbabwe have consequences to non-citizens and citizens alike. Bad policies do not only affect Zimbabweans.

There is some misunderstanding on the tax issue. Any country has jurisdiction to tax its residents. It is common cause that Zimbabweans in the diaspora or who have emigrated are only taxed in the countries they reside in. Equally, foreign nationals are taxed in Zimbabwe as long as they are resident in the country. A foreign national who is not a resident of Zimbabwe is not subject to Zimbabwean taxes. Accordingly, it does not make sense for a person in my position to be subject to Zimbabwean law and taxes. This is an important issue because there appears to be a misunderstanding about taxes, citizenship and residency. The government of Zimbabwe’s propaganda has invested in making people believe that I am a fugitive. Under this construction, I am frequently asked when I will go back home. I do not know how often I have to repeat that I did not acquire South African citizenship because I was running away from anything. I have been a resident and citizens of South Africa for the last 12 years. While in South Africa, I chose to build a formidable asset base in Zimbabwe as a demonstration of my commitment to the country. My choice to live outside the country was a demonstration that you do not have to live in a country to believe in it. Like many Zimbabweans in the diaspora, they are free to make investments in Zimbabwe without having to be asked when they want to return. We are the first class of Zimbabwean born blacks who chose to invest in the country and be relevant as businesspersons and yet did not choose to live in the country. I had confidence and still do that Zimbabweans can rise up to the challenge and compete on a world scale. If I did not believe that Zimbabweans have the capacity to manage enterprises, then I would have relocated to the country to manage personally my enterprises. This I did not do and made a choice to let other people manage my enterprises. This is as it should be. Even if I die, my enterprises can have a life of their own.

The government of Zimbabwe decided through expropriation decrees to alienate me from my Zimbabwean companies. While this is unacceptable, what is encouraging is that my enterprises are still running even though the control has been divested from me using unconstitutional laws. To the extent that the enterprises can continue to function without me it confirms my belief that it is possible to make an impact without being personally at the coal face. I have done my bit in 10 years to demonstrate even to President Mugabe that hard work can produce results. President Mugabe has been at the helm for 27 years and yet has failed to produce any positive outcome for the country. My assets were attractive enough for the government to want them and I am not sure whether the finances of Zimbabwe are in a shape that will make them attractive for any successor to Mugabe.

The alleged exchange control violations require some explanation. Any exchange control regulations apply to residents. Zimbabwean companies are the ones that are subject to Zimbabwean laws. If they export, they should be accountable to the Zimbabwean authorities in their own right. Chaos will prevail if owners of Zimbabwean companies wherever they are situated become subject to Zimbabwean laws. Penalties can be imposed on the companies in question if they violate any laws. To date none of my companies have been subjected to any penalties in respect of the alleged exchange control violations. I am not sure in what context Gono would want to talk to me. He can talk to the Zimbabwean companies if there is anything that he wants. Only in Zimbabwe does the foreign currency of exporters belong to the Governor. I can only quote the words of the Governor of the Bank of England who recently said: A successful monetary policy should be boring, and, successful central bankers should be seen as neither heroes nor villains. Imagine if UK exporters had to talk to the Governor in respect of export proceeds, what chaos would obtain. One would expect the Governor of the Central Bank to provide leadership on monetary issues rather than become a policeman.

If you want evidence of a failed state, you will not need to look further than at a Governor would thinks that he owns the sweat of exporters. Exporters are sovereign people and all they need is an environment that is conducive. There are many Zimbabweans who naively think that the role of a government is to be a referee and player at the same time. You have heard many Zimbabwean leaders express the view that any output from a productive process belongs to the nation and, therefore, the state can dictate how much should be produced and the cost thereof. I have yet to see a progressive nation in which the state thinks for citizens and instills fear in them as a national salvation strategy. The experience of the former Soviet Union and related countries has shown that an ideology premised on fear and intimidation is not sustainable.

In response to the question of when I will return to Zimbabwe, I can only say that I will visit Zimbabwe when sanity prevails. I was one of the first victims of the senseless policies to nationalize private companies as a mechanism of maximizing national wealth. To access my rights without due process, the government had no choice but to target me personally because I was the holder of the property rights they sought to expropriate. To give the exercise some sense of legitimacy, a scenario had to be created to demonize me on allegations of externalization fully aware that I was already a foreign resident. My former friends were recruited in this project i.e. lawyers and accountants that were beneficiaries of my initiatives. Today such professionals (and not Mugabe) has sold their souls to the devil for commercial expediency and would like the unsuspecting public to believe that I am a fugitive.

My characterization as a fugitive is no different from the attempted characterization of the Zimbabwean crisis as a consequence of sanctions. Many have bought the story in as much as intelligent Zimbabweans have accepted that the Zimbabwean government was justified in nationalizing my assets. If a lie is told many times it acquires its own momentum of legitimacy and my case is one such tragic story. Here you have a Zimbabwean born national residing outside the country being accused of externalization and yet the assets seized by the government are situated in Zimbabwe and not offshore. If I was guilty of the offence, the government would not have had anything to nationalize. By now we would have heard of the consequences of the alleged externalization in terms of asset stripping. In any revolution, it is important that the truth be the custodian of change and if revolutionaries become the instruments of confusion then only God can help Zimbabwe. My case is in the courts and there can be no excuse for people to speculate about the facts and the legal issues. I can only urge people to take the time to study what is already available in the public domain.

Mugabe has successfully made the argument that he is entitled to victimize any white investor in the interests of justice. This position is shared by many of his colleagues in Africa. However, I am not sure that many people are fully informed of our cases where blacks have also been victimized and unfortunately we do not have an Anglo Saxon heritage to attract the outrage of Washington DC and London. Even our own people believe that Mugabe is justified to use the state to victimize private individuals. If such individuals are in some way contaminated with ZANU-PF, then their rights are supposed to perish. It appears that there is now a new sense of justice that says the state can undermine the rights enshrined in the constitution without any accountability.

Even on the question of race, it is tragic that investors who believed in Zimbabwe after independence and invested their funds are now at risk of losing 51% of their shareholding to unspecified beneficiaries even though such investors may not have had anything to do with colonialism. No list has been developed distinguishing between post and pre-Rhodesian investments. A blanket case has been made that blacks are poor because of greedy investors and therefore poverty can be eradicated by taking away the rights of the investors. I am not even sure whether eliminating all the rich will solve the country's problems in as much as nationalizing my companies did not solve the foreign currency problems of Zimbabwe.
Posted By Mutumwa Mawere , Rivonia, South Africa : Aug 20 2007 11:59 AM
Mukoma Mutumwa Mawere
the best thing for you Mutumwa will be to limit your contributions to national issues.that way, you will not raise the need to repond to peoples comments, your last two artcles were a good attempt.the moment you want to tell us,then we will want you to tell us everything.Munhu ndeanoudzwa achinzwa mukoma.
Posted By Shabhuku Jibha , Abyssinia,HOA : Aug 20 2007 12:21 PM
wiba pamwe neZanu Iwe mawere. Zvakzokushandukira ndosaka wovavenga. Tibvirepo
Posted By hukuimwe , sa : Aug 20 2007 12:28 PM
the problem with Zimbabweans in the whole region if not Africa is kuzviita vanhu vakafunda kudarika vamwe vese vedzimwe nyika.There is no doubt about that,but through fixed education you cant see those you rate second below you kuti,they are capitalising.Mwanawasa,3 months ago criticised ZANU PF and was quickly silenced ne vanhu vake.Why,because akamanya.The method show as if you are supporting Zimbabwe..so that investmnet can come to them.See how much they are benefiting ne maShopping Spree evanhu vekuZimbabwe,theFarmers now there etc.South Africa used the same tactic.Silent diplomacy.There isnt anything like that.Mbeki,knew that a peaceful Zimbabwe is dangerous because all investment would go there and when South Africans slide into poverty they will compare themselves with Zimbabweans then revolt.So the tactic was simply,support Mugabe to ruin his country and divert Investors and Capital Cash into his country.It worked,bug companies once backborne of Zimbabwean economy are now all in South Africa..thus Mbeki 's diplomacy. Then MaZimbabweans nema degree avo,would stand on pondiums and say you see all countries in the region like us.Really.
Posted By MC , UK : Aug 20 2007 12:37 PM
You are a South African .Please concentrate on issues for instance Mbeki's quest for a third term .
Posted By chawurura , Kabul Afghanistan : Aug 20 2007 01:23 PM
interesting report-from the BBC website.
While many South Africans will rejoice that justice is now, at last, being done to former Police Minister Adriaan Vlok and four other former "securocrats" - as they were called during the apartheid era - there is a real danger of reopening old wounds. Under a plea bargain, all five have received suspended sentences for admitting to attempting to kill prominent black activist Frank Chikane in 1989 by lacing his underwear with a nerve toxin. But the prosecution could undermine the stability of the country's post-apartheid settlement. This settlement was, in reality, a compromise. Vlok was in charge of security in South Africa during the late 1980s White rule in South Africa, Namibia or even Zimbabwe was never defeated on the battlefield. The fighters of South Africa's African National Congress (ANC), Namibia's Swapo and Zimbabwe's Zanu or Zapu did not win the long-predicted and much hoped for military victory. Their leaders, including Nelson Mandela, Sam Nujoma and Robert Mugabe respectively, agreed on a simple but unspoken compromise: political power would pass into the hands of the majority black population, but whites would be allowed to retain most of their wealth. And all sides would put the atrocities of the past behind them. In this they learnt from Angola and Mozambique, where the Portuguese left taking everything they could carry - including any light bulbs that could be unscrewed. Confessions In South Africa, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was established to try to ease the pain. Past wrongs could be confessed to and forgiven. Some want to see justice before reconciliation Many refused to attend, including the last white President FW de Klerk. But he was not alone. Mangosuthu Buthelezi's Zulu-based Inkatha Freedom Party refused to testify before the TRC, which concluded its work in 2003. So did the ANC and Pan Africanist Congress, which did not discuss the killings they ordered inside South Africa, or the murder of their own members while in exile. With Vlok having faced the courts, others are calling for the prosecution of ANC leaders who ordered killings inside and outside South Africa. Afriforum, a right-wing human rights organisation, is supporting Dirk Van Eck, who has asked for the prosecution of those who ordered the laying of a landmine that killed his wife, Kobie, and their two children during a game drive near the border with Zimbabwe in 1985. Zimbabwe alternative In Namibia, the policy of national reconciliation is also under threat, with the National Society for Human Rights attempting to take former President Sam Nujoma and three other Swapo leaders to the International Criminal Court for the killings they are alleged to have ordered during the wars of liberation. So far both Namibia and South Africa have benefited from not raking up the past and accepting that whites have a legitimate, if economically privileged, role in their societies. Their economies have flourished and there is peace. Land is gradually being redistributed, even if some argue the process is too slow. The alternative can be seen in Zimbabwe. President Robert Mugabe's decision to seize white farms in 2000 has driven the country into an economic and political crisis. It would not be impossible for either South Africa or Namibia to go down the same road, with terrible consequences for all of their peoples, black and white.
Posted By Kwame Buthelezi , KwaZulu, South Africa : Aug 20 2007 01:33 PM
ZIMDAILY be warned
To show the hypocrisy of new zimbabwe.com they edited the same article by Mawere to suit Mutambara's agenda.Is this the new Zimbabwe we want?Zimdaily i warn you not to fall in this kind of trap where you rig and manipulate the wishes of the people.Its the people who make Zimdaily great
Posted By BetterZim , : Aug 20 2007 02:04 PM
ZIMDAILY be warned
To show the hypocrisy of new zimbabwe.com they edited the same article by Mawere to suit Mutambara's agenda.Is this the new Zimbabwe we want?Zimdaily i warn you not to fall in this kind of trap where you rig and manipulate the wishes of the people.Its the people who make Zimdaily great
Posted By BetterZim , : Aug 20 2007 02:06 PM
do not blackmail me.
Posted By OriginaL CDE Chawurura , Tehran,Iran : Aug 20 2007 02:13 PM
Mawere how can we listen to what you say now when you used to sleep with the enemy, you now analyse and sucritinise Zanu when you used to be buddies, wakasungisa Strive kangani iwewe?????????, you are just like Jonathan makaraswa ne Zanu mavakuda kudzoka kuvanhu muchida kuti bhaiza kuti muri ma analysts when you were pa fore front yekuuraya nyika neZanu, please spare us ana Mawere!
Posted By Tongiman , JHB, SA : Aug 20 2007 02:33 PM
It is abundantly evident that Mawere is a bitter man from the tone of his contributions. It is normal to be bitter coz he lost a fortune to his former buddies. He supped with the devil and now he is turning around and pointing at the hand that fed him. Where did he get the money to buy his so-called companies? If it was not for ZANU's corrupt tendencies where where they guranteed his loan will he be having those companies? Who else was backed by ZANU in the same manner that Mawere was? Zvarwadza nhasi nokuti wakatorerwa nemhaka yekukara. You refused to give other ZANU chefs some shares thats why vakakutorera. If you were genuine in fighting injustice why did you not start your crusade soon after Matibili started his madness in the year 2000? Its a fact that if it was not for the sake of your exproprited companies we would not be seeing these articles of yours. You are a bitter man. That being said and done, Matibili and his cronies have messed big time
Posted By Wezhara Wezhira , Zimbabwe : Aug 20 2007 02:45 PM
We have a democracy like any other democracy in this world ... I cannot see how a system can be any fairer or more transparent (than it is in Zimbabwe),"
Posted By munhukadzi , : Aug 20 2007 02:45 PM
Iwe Mawere usatinyaudze mhani
Ko nhayi Zimdaily ndoochiiko chamavekuita futi? Ko nyaya dzapera here mavekutikuvadza kuverenga mawawato avanaMawere ava, heee?

Iwe Mawere tibvire mhani apo. On one of your articles, one forumite challenged you to explain your dealings with Zanu PF, we never heard any of your responses, but still you always want to come clean. Sometimes you say Mugabe is wrong, now you are saying he is perfect!! Iwe shamwari, I think you should know something before you say anything about Zimbabwe problems, which is:
  • Few pple give a damn care to the damn political imbalances which were created hundreds of yrs ago, BUT certainly, they care about food in their plates. This you really know. Thus, do not talk to us about Mugabe trying to create a balance of that, at the expense of our welbeing.
  • SADC, with the exception of South Africa (which is following suite), are very poor countries who have done nothing to improve their countries, ever they took it from the colonosers. Thus, there's nothing that you can admire and implement as a case study of a successful neighbour. This implies that there's nothing you can really take home from the filthy brains of Mwanawasa and his heap of brutal and ruthless partners, who seem to be enjoying greatly to see innocent pple suffer to the extent of Zimbabweans today.
  • Last, I challenge you again to a contribution by one BetterZim above. Read it and you will not need to trouble you poor mnind and save yourself the energy to try polute more other brains through your silly articles.
Once a Zanu PF will always be a Zanu PF, furu sitopo. Tinyararire apo, we told you a long time ago, haunzwe!!
Posted By Bhonimbi Chikwekwete , kwaRimbi, kanyi kuChipinge : Aug 20 2007 02:50 PM
Mawere, in a way, maybe I understand when you say people should use real names on forums etc etc, but in your case I think using your real name is causing a problem because its diverting focus from debating ideas to debating Mawere. Maybe you have your agenda e.g. to clear your name but while were are here, its best we discuss ideas. I know its been argued that having loads of cash kinda gives you a platform to be listened to when you speak, I personally doubt the wisdom in that kind of thinking, ….Or you enjoy discussing Mawere? I say that because you could have been called Joe Gumede it wouldn't make a difference to me because I first heard of you when I read one of your articles online about a year ago and I generally enjoy reading them than reading about you defending yourself (actually I don't read those I just scan a few lines then stop) or discussing your businesses etc etc. What's your take on that suggestion big guy?
Posted By Kwame Buthelezi , KwaZulu, South Africa : Aug 20 2007 03:05 PM
You are easily seduced
When Cde Mawere had slots on the national TV channel I dont remember him championong the cause of the man on the street. Rule of law,protection of investmets etc becomes all important now because he was had(screwed,cheated,hustled) by his mates. Fair enough a man deserves recourse to justice that is why the court action in London and other cities ironically the chap/lawyer lined up against him used to be a buddy(he told us so and we know so anyway--yes the one who was poor until he started working for Mawere). Gosh these people..the Zimbabwe Socialists Organisation says we will not let such silliness derail us from the inevitable march
Posted By vekumapako,muzukuru vaDhiriri , birmingham,uk : Aug 20 2007 03:20 PM
If I understand correctly you are South African neh? If you are please let us deal with Mawere, we know what he represents, we know his past. You just remain a guest, ok.
Posted By Tongiman , JHB, SA : Aug 20 2007 03:23 PM
no title
Kwame,i personally agree with you,Maewre has ideas but the platform he has chosen to lay the ideas is jusy wrong,i think he needs to find a new audience.i have a feeling people here dont wanna know as long as the message comes in his name then all people think of is anger,u cant blame people...i think the guy should try using a nickname wen he posts good artcles and then he should jugje form the responses that he gets afterwards inorder to make an informed decision as to whether its a good cause to keep on using his name wen he has a contribution to make.im not sure he cares?do u
Posted By matra munhukadzi , : Aug 20 2007 03:33 PM
Zim and SA
Iwe Tongiman, Kwame said that He is a Zimbabwean Ndebele. Are kodzero dzakewo dzokutaura zveZimbabwwe sewewo. Kwame Buthelezi, you brought an interesting piece there. You see I think SA is doing wrong by trying some of these apartheid chefs. Yes they did wrong but they should not be tried, that's what reconciliation is all about. They should do like what Zim did during the early years, i.e. Forgive them completely and move on. The issue of the economy though is a big deal, Whites still own the economy is SA. Uts not a matter of just taking over their businesses, but they should instead take time to educate their blacks on how to do business, etc. Zizwe zeZim neSA ziyafana. Izikinga zethu same fanana ngempela
Posted By KTM , Mzanzi : Aug 20 2007 03:35 PM
damn i cant even spell the name rite Mawere, there i got it
Posted By matra munhukadzi , : Aug 20 2007 03:36 PM
Mutumwa Mawere
Pamhata pako iwe mutumwa. Waiba pamwe ne ZanuPF . Nhasi yakupandukira. No more of your long articles on Zimdaily. We have no time to read such long boring articles. Hausati watsvukira. Uchamama chete.
Posted By Mamiso , Rivonia S.A : Aug 20 2007 03:38 PM
Kwame Buthelezi
Tongiman, I am actually a very proud Afrikan , born and bred in Zimbabwe(Ask KTM, Mzanzi). I completely agree that if the man committed an offence he must pay his dept to society, but my worry is that people just seem to be laying "accusations" and he says they aint true…there is noone presenting any solid evidence that the man is guilty( and he posts "evidence" that he is innocent) and I have a feeling people already have got their minds made and it really doesn't matter what he's going to say. ………………………………………………………………….There are a lot of interesting ideas we should be juggling to find a solution to our nation and finding Mawere guilty is definitely not one of them. Maybe Mawere you should heed Matra Munhukadzi's advice above….
Posted By Kwame Buthelezi , KwaZulu, South Africa : Aug 20 2007 04:10 PM
no title
From the viewpoint of us simple minded types who are not clever enough to use 10 paragraphs where a simple sentence will do - Mawere came a cropper when he refused to pay his pint of blood to ZANU PF by standing for the chairmanship for Masvingo. People generally judge you least by what you say - ask a psychologist about non - verbal cues. People are refusing to judge the Moyos, Mutambara and yes, Maweres by what clever things they say but rather by their track records and their perceived motives. As for this piece, reading it I felt like I was watching a man scratching his crotch. I had to stop after a while....
Posted By Munya Chitsanga , Harare, Zimbabwe : Aug 20 2007 04:24 PM
Zimbabwe is finished
The SADC meeting just proves one thing and that is that SADC is right behind Mugabe and therefore supports the implosion of Zimbabwe to allow conditions for Mugabe to remain in power. The diaspora will remain in the diaspora because Zimbabweans living out outside Zimbabwe are doing absolutely nothing to help. Zimbabweans in the diaspora are pathetic and should really change their nationality to the countries in which they live. They deserve Mugabe and they deserve to be in the diaspora simply because they are doing NOTHING about saving their country.
Posted By A very dissappointed , Zimbabwean in Harare : Aug 20 2007 04:41 PM
Kangwanai zveSADC
Forget about SADC and the AU - what the hell have they done for us up to now besides shield Mugabe. It will take (as before in 1979-1980) the US (after Bush) and the EU and the UK with Brown to put pressure on SA (after Mbeki) before anything substantive happens. Thats 2009-2010 at the earliest. Unless in the army someone puts him to sleep before then...
Posted By Munya Chitsanga , Harare, Zimbabwe : Aug 20 2007 05:16 PM
zimbabwe is finished
Iwe chiterera zvandakukutaurira. Ini kuDiaspora magetsi ariko,Tesco ariko, matrain ariko, mabhazi ariko, petrol iriko. Tesco is so cheap that the unemloyed can shop there and fill baskets and trolleys. And guess what the society is structured so that the middle class(teachers,engineers,managers,doctors etc) and the working class vanokweshana muTesco imomo meaning no-one feels lesser of a person.Tinochemera hama kumusha day in day out because you deserva better. Imi kumba ndimi murikunetsa leave this man uyu Morgiza, tirove road takananga state house. Morgiza has delayed zvinhu baba. It is obvious what needs doing. Zvino munonyengerwa mukanzwa achiti takano vataurira Britain, America moti pane zvakabatwa. BBc nsCNN shamwari dzake hadzivote munyika medu..ngwarayi baba..ngwarayi
Posted By vekumapako, muzukuru vaDhiriri , Birmingham,UK : Aug 20 2007 05:25 PM
mawere ndizvo
Posted By , : Aug 20 2007 05:32 PM
Zim Crisis
I have taken note of the comments made and I think that it is not beneficial for anyone to engage in debates that add no value. I have tried to debate issues and where appropriate use my personal experiences as an empirical basis to begin a conversation that seeks to identify what has gone wrong in Zimbabwe and what needs to happen for progress to take place. It is futile to attempt to focus on victims rather than focus on the people with the means to change the course of events in Zimbabwe. Progress will only emerge when maturity informs the process otherwise the real problem confronting Zimbabwe may be located in the minds of those obsessed with hate. Issues need to be discussed rationally and there are always two sides to a coin. If the logic is that only Zimbabweans are entitled to discuss Zimbabwean issues then I rest my case. I do not believe that I should hide my identity to ventilate my views. People are entitled to criticise me and it is important that they give their own views without fear or prejudice. This is not a court of law but a public discourse platform. I would like to believe that the views expressed are a genuine expression of what people feel. If my silence helps advance the cause of change then so be it.
Posted By Mutumwa, Mawere , Rivonia, South Africa : Aug 20 2007 06:59 PM
Posted By NewKing Maker , Newbury : Aug 20 2007 07:17 PM
Mawere,yu are on track
Mawere usanetseka nemadofo who fail to separate issues here. We are not looking for a saint neither shd we look into each other's past.I agree nevarikuti Mawere shd point the way forward. Ko ivo varikuti urumuSouth African handiti they too were expecting something from Mbeki. Is he Zimbabwean? Moreover, kana maZimbabweans acho tiri kutadza kubuda ne winning formula tipe regardless kuti yu carry a South African Passport.Mazano anobva from all corners ,even from neighbours. If yu are South African , the better, uri sahwira wevanhu veZimbabwe,kwete Mbeki anoda kuzviita sahwira wemutungamiri weZimbabwe achisiya Zimbabwe yacho. On the jihad issue,vakomana musatye nyanga dzezizi.ZANU PF is just using fear to keep us from uprising. The army itself no longer wants Mugabe and all they need is just someone to trigger this.Musatyiswe nanaCIO and other idiots who cant see ten years from now into the future. Ivi anMugabe pavakaenda kuhondo handiti they had no experience.Ma WarVets eZANU vanofunga kuti ndivo chete vanogona kudzidzira kushandisapfuti, we too can learn and do it beter. Moreover, vazhinji vacho vachembera, dzangova shungu chete.No one can claim monopoly of ability to use a gun, we too can do what they did or better. My suggestion is that we start looking for countries that are friendly to the people of Zimbabwe and not the ruling party. These countries do not need to be in the region, remember, people went far afield as China to learn war tactics.Imi vaMawere batanai naTsvangirai and give us direction.Zimbabwe needs yu now more than before.Whatever yu did or didnt do is immaterial at the moment, the critical issue is to stop the country from spontaneous uprising bcoz if it an uprising isina munhu anoimaneja( to manage )we will end up in a cycle of violence that will take up to 40years but if it is managed, we know kuti we will be flowing in one direction. Zvekuti CIO irikuverenga our messages on this forume hazvina basa, we cant do anything about it, ngavazive ende zvichaita kuti vanokwanisa ku resigna from CIO vatobuda now while they can because whether they admit or not, ONE DAY MUNHU WEMUZIMBABWE ACHAJAMUKA CHETE, hapana zuva risinga sviki. Mawere, ZIMBABWE NEEDS YOU.
Posted By Mapamba , Harare,Zimbabwe : Aug 20 2007 07:37 PM
Mutumwa Mawere
Mawere is a true new age freedom fighter. This man regardless of his past connection has got a vision and knows where we are going. People learn from their mistakes and Mawere is one of them, now he is taking his past mistakes to inform the future. The article above is one of his well said postings.
Posted By Majaira Jairosi , Bujumbura University : Aug 20 2007 07:56 PM
...well, its your call big guy....enjoy.
Posted By Kwame Buthelezi , KwaZulu, South Afrika : Aug 20 2007 08:02 PM
One Day Cross
I don't think anybody here is saying that Zimbabwe's problems should be discussed by Zimbabweans exclusively. What many people don't understand is why a South African should devote all his daylight hours and most of the night to solving a foreign country's problems. Why does Mawere not use his intelligence and vision for the benefit of his own country. Some of us cannot forget that during his stay in our country he helped our oppressors to entrench themselves and rob our nation. They shared with him. Some of us have been close to Mawere and know his true colours. If he had not changed citizenship we would expose and embarass him big time. Some of us suffered great prejudice and financial loss because of Mawere. That is why he tries everyday to present himself as a good man, especially to those who do not really know this conman, mostly the youngsters he pays to support him on this forum. Mutumwa you are rotten to the core. We will catch up with you. Hiding in Johannesburg is temporary. I know you want to come back home once ZANU(PF) fall. You will find me/us waiting. You can write as much as you want but that does not change anything. What's written cannot be unwritten.
Posted By E. Mayikani , Harare, Zimbabwe : Aug 20 2007 08:30 PM
mugabe takes blame
I don't entirely agree with you the roots of the current crisis. Are you saying with a different leadership we would have got the same results? The roots of our problems are in Mugabe's evil heart and brain. The other problems are rooted in Zimbabweans' faint hearts, their love for vanity, greed and taking national issues for granted. Some are rooted in our African culture (resistant to change). Can you prove or point to a country which inherited the same colonial system and found itself in a crisis we now have. That is not to say colonialism did not contribute to our problems but lets not absolve ourselves and jump to blame colonialism. Can someone clarify why it's said our problems are rooted in colonialism. Of course we were supposed to get our land back but it was Mugabe anyway who stopped the fight for land because he had exchanged it for political office.
Posted By njokweni , : Aug 20 2007 08:32 PM
Its the mawere name
Mawere- a guy above had a point. Imagine the article above without the Mawere name on it . Imagine any article you write apart from those involving your properties without your name penned to it.what kind of response will it get.In your case its the singer not the song. People like the song so much but have mixed emotions about the singer.They then throw away the song with the singer. Try it one day. If your aim is to spread the gospel and not the name mawere then that is the best ide. I personally like your mesage dont care if it involves your properties or not. Some are not so forgiving. Get your message through dont force yourself down peoples thorats.
Posted By mike pashata , oz : Aug 20 2007 09:01 PM
Let us showcase our culture on this site
The opinion in this article is in my view was Mwanawasa and his coterie of Sadc Presidents in arriving at the decision that the Zimbabwean crisis was exaggerated or not? This is a cardinal question that can be asked by anyone anywhere in the world with or without interest in Zimbabwe. My view is that in his last article and the current ones Mawere has tried very much to speak with eloquence on issues of what informs Leadership decisions not necessarily in Zimbabwe but in the entire Sadc region and in the process has unveiled some pertinent misconceptions that need addressing. The myth that the Zim crisis is exaggerated is one I personally do not share with the entire SADC leadership so wherever it came from must be addressed. The second issue is that leadership must be directed by the needs desires and aspirations of the people who will be affected by the leadership decisions and to me that is how it should be. Mawere may or may not be tarnished by his past association with Zanu PF but that certainly must not preclude him from observing and debating issues of Zanu PF mis-governance even if it is to further his personal fight with the government. To me the more victims of Zanu Association we have coming to expose their experiences positive or otherwise the more informed we become to counter and topple Zanu PF. For this reason alone I find it weird that a person of Mawere's resolve would be put off course by well meant criticism of his past association with Zanu perceived or otherwise to a point where he accepts to be silenced and I doubt he will be silenced that easily. Mawere has emerged that from the SADC leadership opinion announced after the Lusaka meeting it appears we have somehow failed to convince the SADC leadership on the gravity of the Zimbabwe crisis and proposes areas he feels may have been overlooked. I personally feel his isolation of the reasons he feels Sadc leaders may be underestimating the extent of the Zim crisis add value to our fight against Zanu PF and Matibili. For example I agree that some Sadc states are benefiting immensely from displaced Zimbabwean expertise and this must forebode our minds when we entrust them to address our plight. I also subscribe to his postulation that Sadc leaders will prefer to sponsor a reformed Zanu PF leadership and as aspiring government we must always bear in mind how this can influence the outcome of elections in our country if they are held under Sadc supervision with this stance. Finally I want to appeal to all of us to focus on the coming elections and discuss issues rather than personalities in a mature way. This is not to say that we must not point out our perceptions of other contributors' past and future inclination factually or speculatively but merely to emphasise that when we do so we avoid bad mouthing, vulgar language, and obscene language, racial and tribal bigotry. I think if we adhere to editorial policy our views will carry more favour and weight with the mature politicians we intent to counsel. That people like Prof Mutambara, Morgan Tsvangirai, Robert Mugabe and many other political luminaries in our country visit our forum daily is not speculation but what they get out of the immature insults and other obscenities may be playing against our noble intentions to persuade leadership opinions in our favour. Imagine a mature visitor on our site being confronted by Chawurura's sexual obscenities about MDC girls. Many of us are no different from this Zanu PF uncivilised zealot whose manners and vulgar language have no place in our customs. Let's showcase our hunhu, ubantu on this site and never write words we would speak in public and more so to our elders be they family, friends, relatives, neighbours or foes. Let us not be regulated by editorial policy but by our family values and cultural norms to make this site truly Zimbabwean. I thank you, Ndatenda Ngiyabonga Satotela Sana.
Posted By Hatirebwi Nathan Masikati , : Aug 20 2007 09:05 PM
What does this article mean . .
The most dangerous man is the one who doesn't know where he is. . . . and succeeds in convincing other to join him. The title suggests that the author agrees with Mwanawasa. Is this the case? Maybe I am confused. Maybe he is just being open-minded and playing both sides of the field. The forays into the distant and recent past are important but not RELEVANT. Right now Zimbabwe is in need of change. It matters not who forgot to conclude an agreement or what the West did wrong. What matters now is where we are. It's not whether we think it is good or bad, worse or better, the fact is we have an issue to deal with, so whether you call an animal a bufalo or a bull makes no difference you still have to deal with the animal. It's not about the leaders we need its about them having an opportunity to lead. It's not just about what type of plan we need its firstly about having the opportunity to execute the plan and secondly the collective will. That the whites underdeveloped Africa is a stupid argument. Why would anyone want to underdevelop a place they call home? Apart from the slavery, the theft, the humiliation, the suffering we owe white people some thanks for the development of this continent which we won back, and for awakening in the black man the spirit to fight for himself. We have taken a fledgling economy raised it and then put it on the braai. The Titanic is now a submarine. Mutumwa, FIRST focus on how we ensure the elections are fair, SECOND focus on how we can ensure voter education can be achieved, THIRD take a position. This type of speculation and reminiscence will have us at this website in 3 elections time. I don't believe in violence at this time but I see the point of those advocating ACTION. Because right now thoughts of action are better than than thoughts of trying to win a battle with . . . . essays. Last comment on this issue. The economic aspect of our nation's dilemma is just one facet. What about the other problems. It seems that just anyone can have an article posted. Am now waiting for Chinamasa to put across his $0.02. Bad joke. Can someone put an ad in the Classified: "Wanted a psychiatrist or motivational speaker to awaken the sleeping giant in a once proud but now humbled people. No chancers." Zim Freedom
Posted By Zim Freedom , ZIMBABWE : Aug 20 2007 09:42 PM
Radio Mawere
It doesn't matter whether you like the singer or not it's the song that counts. Right now I'll listen to anyone who makes consistent and total sense. You may find a dollar dropped in mud, so keep searching for truths you can believe and follow. Even your enemy may say something to your advantage.
Posted By Zim Freedom , ZIMBABWE : Aug 20 2007 09:56 PM
No smoke without fire . . .
SADC's opinion is only that an opinion and since it is based on the testimony of only one party ie the govt iot is obviously flawed. Everyone with a legal mind knows the principle of audi alteram partem. So let's not be frustrated by an irrelevant opinion. The truth will come out one day. The Mbeki mediation event in my opinion is just a smokescreen. NOTHING is going to come of it. It gives us the convenient hope that something is being done. It takes the matter out of our hands. At the end of the day any agreement is not binding on the nation, not even between two parties. It's a useful distraction from the daily grind. OUR HANDS hold our destiny, not 2 political parties, not even 3. We need to get our heads out of the sand and start crafting strategies. For instance, how do we advertyise the need for people to think critically, without indoctrinating them. How do we mobilize the most effective politicians to go on one-on-one personal campaigns promoting ideals and values not people? How do we keep hope alive and get people to realize they are worth more than they are given and deserve more? Liberation from our liberators has to be the last chimurenga and it doesn't need guns or blood, just enaction of will and spirit. In any case Einstein said "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them". so no violence please. Zim Freedom
Posted By ZimFreedom , ZIMBABWE : Aug 20 2007 10:06 PM
SUGGESTION 1: Become an effective politician . . . ?
The point about the most effective politicians relates to YOU and every other Zimbabwean. One definition of the term politician is "a leader engaged in civil administration". If this is a democracy then the politicians are our servants and the MPs are our representatives so we are in fact the leaders. So we should not be afraid to engage people One-on-One on matters relating to civil administration eg what we deserve and what we don't deserve. Your ZANU-PF indoctrinated family members are more likely to listen to you than Tsvangirai or Arthur Mutambara. So you can be more effective than Tsvangirai in some instances. Don't be afraid. Zim Freedom
Posted By ZimFreedom , ZIMBABWE : Aug 20 2007 10:16 PM
mawere shut up
mawere should shut up waidya nezanu pf you were give most of the companies in zimbabwe with a zunu pf support do try kuda kunatsa you have cheat people you yu are the people who contribute to destroy zimbabwe we are now in diasprora because of you and company try to stop writing your acticles uri mhata yemunhu iwe na mugabe you were eating in the same plate saka whats wrong naye uri mwana wehure thats why you keep changing your natoinality stop writing matuzvi ako kwatiri
Posted By tazo mudiwa , slough uk : Aug 20 2007 10:30 PM
tazo mudiwa
Here is your message without the vulgar language you used.Mawere shut up. waidya nezanu pf you were given most of the companies in zimbabwe with zanu pf support. dont try kuda kunatsa. you have cheated many people before. you are the people who contributed to destroy zimbabwe we are now in diaspora because oof you and company try to stop writing your articles.you are very stupid like your associate mugabeyou were eating from the same platesaka whats naye uri benzi chairo risina gwara thats why you keep keep changing your nationality like a prostitute stop writing your silly and directionless articles to seek our sympathy. whenn you were enjoying with mugabe you never thought of us what has reminded you that we are relevant to you if not that your friends in zanu have turned against you. leave us in peace and fight your wn wars without us. Bad mouthing does not replace facts
Posted By Hatirebwi nathan Masikati , : Aug 20 2007 11:18 PM
black market
official or legal rate - 1 USD = ZW$ 250 and black market rate - 1 USD = ZW$ 240 000 - now how can an economy run when these two prices of the USD are so far out of line - this 2 tier system cheats both importers & exporters. A few chosen people ( all zanu pf & families ) are able to access the cheap USD's & become millionaires overnight - Gideon Gono & Chihuri are of course able to access these cheap USD dollars to send their kids to expensive schools in Australia & other first world universities - the Univ of Zimbabwe is not good enough for these big zanu pf chefs - think about it Zimbabweans !
Posted By jackson wallylegover , kingston jamaica : Aug 20 2007 11:28 PM
Opposition Must Know That...
The best defense is in attacking; they have to take the offensive role otherwise ZANU will always kill like they did during Gukurahundi. See videos on this link maybe you will get what I'm talking about. http://www.thenewrbc.com/pages/rtv.html
Posted By plantif , Harare : Aug 20 2007 11:56 PM
Mawere talks sense
Whether you like it or not, Mawere has written a very inciteful article. Someone mentioned earlier that Zambia, Moza, Bots, Tanz etc have not done much to improve their status quo so Zim is a step ahead in many ways. This is true, I do not doubt. Also, they are benefiting a great deal from us. To expect them to do anything for us is absolute bullocks. This is our fight, this is our war. Regarding the Zanoids, they no longer want the old man, I have this on good resource, but they are not gutsy enough to take him out. Freedom fighters my foot. Things are bad, and they are affecting everyone, including every single minister in the cabinet. They have extended families after all. To the woman who said "I dont see how democracy could be more than it is in Zimbabwe"- get out of Harare idiot, or pass your O-levels, whichever one applies.
Posted By Political Engineer , Michigan, USA : Aug 21 2007 03:05 AM
No more time for these discussions
It is time now to organise into fighting units rather panel discussions. Look at SADC, WHAT DID THEY DO ? DISCUSS. Whats happening in Zim right now! SUFFERING!!! It is time to start looking for ways to organise to fight the black imperialist. Lets think of friendly countries that can provide both training and weapons to fight this corrupt regime. We need to fight our own wars not leaving it the likes of Mbeki or whoever thinks Zim is no experiencing problems to talk about.Come to the table with your good ideas on mobilising rather spend time just chatting or posting articles. Lets be real people and confront the demon. Zizi HARINA NYANGA. How many soldiers have left the Zanu govt and how many more are willing? Can they fight against the will of the people and in deed their own will.
Posted By , : Aug 21 2007 05:21 AM
Pamberi nehondo varume
YES, I also agree and have a very strong feeling and a great urge to start organising some fighting units to clear this regime once and for all. I personally feel this is the right time. Not necessarily with guns only, but the war has to start from everywhere - schools, churches, workplaces, towns, cities nepamisika. HOW?
Well, whenever you see a soldier, CIO, policement or any other branch of JOC, call a few friends, buy him beer and kick the ass like donkey, then run away. Also, kick ass for Zanu PF thugs' chidren whenever you find them. Myself, I am starting from Mozambique, will not disclose the base coz these Matibili thugs will disturb us. Have already unerthed 10 AK47s and grenades left by my uncle who was a RENAMO .....;.hokoyo Mawere and your former friends. You are on the hit list bud!!
Posted By Chaporonga , Chaporonga Farm, Chinhoyi : Aug 21 2007 11:15 AM


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Anonymous said...

The development taking place in Zambia has nothing to do with Zimbabwe's misfortune. why do you wish the zambians ill? The revitalised mining industry in zambia is not related anyway to your politics. As for the White farmers who opted to settle in Zambia; my understanding is that you did not want them in your country. Oh yes we may be poor as per your stands however relatively we have always lived in peace...And may it continue. We dont admired South Africa's or Zimbabwe's wealth.